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  1. Thanks for the feedback. The Eldo I have has 54000 original miles. Engine cooling has always acted "funny". Never actually overheating, but running hotter then any other vehicle I have owned. Not getting excited about this after doing some investigating. Any way, decided out of the blue to pull the hollow bolt, found red silicone on the end. Now the purge line has always been hot, but I have always felt a gurgling in the top hose. Best of my knowledge, the bolt has never been removed. Now prior to this the engine temp as viewed on the DIC would wander. In traffic the temp would want to go up to the fan turn on point, and then cycle up and down based on fan operation. Once back down the road, engine temp was slow to respond to air flow across the radiator. So now, cleaned the red silicone from the end of the bolt. Reinstalled, filled system with coolant and headed done the road. Now the engine comes up to operating temp noticeably faster. Gets to about 197 degrees around town and holds the temp without the wandering that it used to do. Now on the highway temp goes to 199 degrees and stays there. No temp wandering on the highway either. Seems more likely that head gasket failure is probably a result of all things listed here, not just the fault of one component in the cooling system. Based on the info read here, I have a few years and a few more miles before I might have to consider TIMESERT work on this engine. Thanks again.
  2. With regard to fuel economy , I put Denso Twin Tip plugs in my 96 Eldorado and noticed an immediate 1 to 2 MPG increase in mileage. I followed this up by installing them in a 13 Equinox and saw the same effect. Don't know if other people run Denso TT plugs, or heard of them. Must say though that I am quite impressed. Something to consider.
  3. I have a general question with regard to the Northstar purge line. Was wondering if anyone has given thought to the cause of head gasket failure on the Northstar, and whether the plugged or partially plugged bolt with a hole in it maybe be the actual originating cause of head gasket failure? Specifically the build of air/steam pockets in the block, and the much slower then normal release due to the bolt with a hole in it being partially blocked. This condition creating an overly hot spot, forcing an uneven expansion in the aluminum. Thus causing the unusual stretch on the head bolt, eventually causing the failure of threads in the block. I would like to have feed back, please. Thanks.