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  1. 99 Deville- replaced battery and alternator Xmas week Suddenly, trunk and fuel door would not open either with keyfob or interior switches Dash trip and Gallons used keeps resetting to 0 after every start interior lights don't turn on after turning car off, either automatically or after turning knob. (Interior light comes on if I open door) Valet button not in use. Today, doors would not open with keyfob and after using key, alarm went off (could not reset with keyfob) went off again when attempting to start car. Stopped on its own.? Checked it after a few hours, alarm went off after I opened unlocked door, but was stopped with keyfob. Trunk and fuel door buttons do not work on keyfob or int. buttons UNLESS car is running. Checked battery terminal, right was a bit loose, tightened, didn't fix issues. Door lock and unlock working from keyfob now. Thought I might have heard a small clicking sound from behind radio a few days ago, but just once. Same day fuel door opened on its own. Any ideas???