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  1. no the cylinder head is still installed, the spark plugs were left out and that's how the debris got in the cylinder, the intake manifold is loosened and off/ just sitting were is houses. (because we had to get to the starter)
  2. ill get straight to the point, I had to get rid of my 1996 Eldorado because the head blew and just couldn't afford to keep it around,,,,,,, And I miss it, but luckily, I still have a 1994 eldorado that my dad gave me....... but it was used as a parts car, we pretty much scraped the fuel pump, starter,ac compressor, coolant lines,..... etc. then noticed some squirrels or something got twigs, dirt, and seeds inside the cylinder resting on the piston crowns. I am currently 800 miles away from it but will be heading back here soon and am trying to decide if I should clean up the engine ( ran previously) and buy new hoses for it and invest to get everything replaced! but Im also trying to figure out if I could purchase a newer northstar, but I dont know how much it would cost for a decent engine that would fit. do you guys have any sugestions. Is it worth keeping or is it "done for"
  3. So im posting this for my dad, It was running great and was his everyday car until he took his truck up camping or something and the cadillac sat for a bit and I guess the battery died and they had to move it so they would have more room in the drive way, so he put it in neutral and pushed it forward a bit. later on he wanted to start driving it again so he went to go start it after it sat on the charger for a couple hours and the accessories will turn on and everything but when he tries to start it then it wont turn over and noticed that the security light is on and will stay on as long as the key in in the on position. we know that is isnt the starter. and we are wondering if there is any way to turn off the security or by-pass it without taking it to the shop. thanks
  4. Sweet, Its fixed, just needed to reset the computer. Just out of curiosity, how does that work by touching the cables without a current
  5. Recently replaced my battery and noticed that my radios volume and dsp won't work after about 10 seconds of turning it on, it will show that I am turning it up/down on the screen but no change in volume, if i want to turn it back up or down then i need to turn it off then back on and it'll work for again about 10 seconds. I checked the front fuses under the hood (all good) and also checked for a good battery connection. Any suggestions
  6. My battery reads about 9.8V after sitting for a day or so, it turns over, but am curious if the coils require a certain amount of electricity to start the spark plugs. Or do I just need a new battery. It will start with a charger/jumpercables, alternator is fine. Battery just wont hold 12+ volts for long, paracidic drain might be the answer, but so far I wont diagnose that yet. There are no codes that are active.
  7. Yeah the turn signal switch assembly.
  8. @logan, do you guys know if the unit is compatible with a 1994 Eldorado?
  9. Okay I got the car running for a bit and cleared out the engine, Here are the new codes, PC0300 CURRENT PC1520 CURRENT RS0061 HISTORY
  10. Yes can I get that procedure from you guys. Every help is greatly appreciated, and yes Rockfangd, it it still running rich on fuel, but it might still be cleaning its self out, when I checked the old FPR than it was leaking so bad like the fuel was made to go through the vacuum line with no restrictions, so yeah it was bad.
  11. yes it does have the steel rail on it now with the new FPR, where is the coolant temp located? i was also thinking that it might have a blown head gasket, would that also cause these problems to occur?
  12. Yes the fuel rail was replaced, but the FPR was not included tho,
  13. So I replaced the FPR and also cleaned out the Throttle Body but when i start it it likes to backfire a bit beforehand, but starts up with no problem shortly after it was running. I have gotten it running and let it idle for a bit, I do notice that it likes to hesitate while accelerating on lower RPM then fine at a higher RPM (2,300 ish and up). I Haven't driven it really to go 45 because it doesn't have insurance. Would I be able to "clean" the engine on idle and higher revs?
  14. alright I recently replaced the fuel rail with the recall, the fpr was not included though, I do know that the fpr is bad and it has a very hard time starting, if it does then it will have a rough idle then stall after a backfire, ( im pretty sure that it is because of the bad fpr from the nylon rail) I pulled the new codes and have it here, PC0107 HISTORY PC0140 CURRENT PC0300 CURRENT PC1107 HISTORY PC1381 HISTORY PC1520 CURRENT PC1599 HISTORY PZ2152
  15. Yes the turn switch works like normal, the codes are, PC0603 PC1520 PZ1558 IP1552 IR2255 IR2064, the codes are also posted on my other post.