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  1. ok we got most everything fixed BUT where is the temperature sensor at?
  2. OK I found out the meaning of the codes through a website called engine-codes.com the P0151 will be fixed when I fix P1153. but my question is where is the EGR located at on my 97 Seville SLS N*?
  3. I am really glad I found this web site and I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL FOR THE HELP YOU ARE GIVING ME. th first set of codes are the current codes, the the second set are the history codes then the third are the ones that has neither. PCM-P0135 -HEATEDO2 SENSOR HEATER PERFORMANCE BANK 1 SENSOR 1 P0401-EGR P1153-HEATED O2 SENSOR INSUFFICIENT SWITCHING BANK2 SENSOR 1 P0151 (JUST SHOWED UP AFTER DRIVING IT) -HEATED O2 SENSOR CIRCUIT LOW VOLTAGE BANK2 SENSOR 1 those are the only current codes it shows now for history PCM- P0141 P0151 P0154 ACM
  4. Thanks KHE I will try that when my husband get in from work. These cars that have ALL the sensors and brains gets to me at times.... I would much rather work on 60's - 80's model you have more room to work and to me they are a lot easier.
  5. J Thank you for that explanation I just went down to have it reread at Advance and it is showing several different codes for both bank 1 and bank 2 and for the one or ones behind the Catalytic converter. How many oxygen sensors are on a 97 Cadillac Seville SLS with the Northstar in it? the way I was understanding it there is 4 am I understanding that correctly?
  6. the water pumps has done great no more overheating at all!!!!!!!!! yippee. but another question I have is they are saying the O2 sensors on both upper bank is showing bad and soeone else is saying that the catlytic converter he thinks is getting stopped up.. can you guys give me some clues as to what each of these will do as far as the running on of the car please. I have really enjoyed ALL of the GREAT HELP i have gotten from all of you. but can you Please tell me what each of these will effect the running of the vehicle?
  7. k well the spark plug changing went smoother then I thought.... now next projuect is to change the water pump to see if it will stop leaking some and hopefully fix a few more things. whichis a good things it is no longer missing. oh question I want to ask A LOT of people are telling us to stop using the dexcool nd jut use regular antifreeze in our caddy what are you guys' thought about that?
  8. since it is leaking around the water pump and we are probably going to change it this weekend I could add the bars stop leak powder then couldn't I? any sugestions on how to change the back plugs?
  9. airmike if we do have to redo the head gaskets it will probably be me, hubby and next door neighbor. We are the ones that have been doing all of the work. My father taught me how to do just about everything to a vehicle when I started learning the difference from a flathead and a phillip head screwdriver. cause he didn't want mechanics taking advantage of me cause I was female.
  10. winterset what do you mean your not sure if it ever overheated? I'm lost on that one hun.
  11. Winterset and Rockfangd I appreciate your guys' help through all this.I would like to get your opinion on whether or not I should use blue devil on this car? I thought I had seen on a you tube video where the person showed the back where the warnings are, I saw where it said NOT TO USE ON NORTHSTAR but I went to there website and sent a message to them and the reply was yes you can use on the northstar. So I am confused as to yes you can or no you can't. it still smokes some but some people has asked if I changed the fuel filter when we changed the FPR. Was I suppose too? we found one pl
  12. k thanks for the information winterset. Oh yeah and the reason the quit running after replacing the alternator and wouldn't start is it blowed the batt 2 fuse which is a big 30 amps. cost me about $5 to fix it.
  13. Winterset I have never noticed an overheating light on this 97 Seville.... now the only time it overheats is when you are climbing a steep grade but all around the water pump is signs of water leaking from that area. We have never noticed any on the ground. I am oneof these that won't etme car get comletey to th red it gets to that last white line before the red line andI have already turned on the heater to help cool it down. it it keeps geting closer to the red I pull over and stop. Now I have a question one of my neighbors who claims he worked for GM said that when they are in the red or
  14. ok got the car running again there was a lose wire but a 30amp fuse that ccording to the diagram goes to the battery was blown. so that is fixed. So thank you everyone for the inputs it helped a lot. KHE we replaced the battery cause the car wouldn't start and according to Auto Zone and Advance the battery was good at that time. so we took the Alternator off and had them check it and they bothe checked it twice and both time it showed up bad. So if something is bad on a vehicle you fix it.
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