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  1. Thank you fellas for the responses. I did not take the car back yesterday because I was waiting for a little ammo or at least guidance for the salesperson who sold me the car. That is what worries me. I just bought the car 1 week ago. Immediately, the next morning I heard a bit of noise in the front and the pulsating started. This car was not cheap and was from a Caddy dealer so I know they had to know about the problem. Why didn't they fix it before putting their name on it and up for sale? I'm afraid that they will just slap some new rotors from China on and be done with it. I just cannot believe they would sell the car like this. Thank you guys very much.
  2. I have seen the postings on this top[ic and wanted to say that I am having the same trouble. Front Brakes pulsating and shimmying. There were several thoughts as to the reasons for this but I did not see an exact fix for this. I do have something to add that I did not see written about as to the cause. I believe the cause is in the whole ABS system. Those of you having this problem take a look at your rear disc brakes and see if they are rusty. Yes rusty! This would indicate that the rear brakes are not engaging at all which in turn is severely overworking the front brakes. Thus the big problems in the front and the need to have the pads and rotors changed constantly. Does anyone know of the solution to this? Is there a different ABS unit that is not faulty(if that is the reason at all)? I have to take my car back to the dealer today, and all they are going to do is fix the result and not address the problem.
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