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  1. Well, thats not good then. Gotten quite a bit of the last one there this past few weeks and it does idle a little rough when cold starting it. At this point not sure I even wanna invest in a block test. Quite a few '06 DTS and an '05 SRX for less than 7k with less than 100k miles. Anyone have any experience with early-mid 2000 models? I've heard that Northstars from 2000 onwards are for the most part issue free.
  2. Okay I took a few pics then disconnected the line going into the surge tank. The hose is very short and made it very awkward to observe, also made me question whether it was the right line or not but had read several places that it runs under the beauty plate and back into the engine. Pic 1 Pic 2 When I turned it on, the hose was bent slightly upwards so I'm not sure if that impacted this at all, but it seemed to be sputtering. Was not what I would call steady.
  3. Hi guys, I've been coming here off and on for years for all kinds of help, and I must have read every post on here about 91-99 Cadillacs overhearting but I'm in a spot now. Currently driving a 97 Deville with a v8 Northstar 142k miles. My car started overheating suddenly, had gone all summer with no problem, then recently after getting an inspection and oil change (Rotella 15w-40 diesel, to mitigate a previous oil light problem completely) I overheated both times I got up to highway speeds and have almost overheated every time I've driven through town - stop and go 30-40 mph, temperatures sta
  4. If no one else chimes in, some mesh and some bondo fiberglass resin. Any kind of filler? Or should the resin reasonably fill the mesh you think?
  5. So I noticed this during the winter, but I didn't have the heat running at the time. There appears to be a piece missing? Looks like something is supposed to be mounted on there, not sure if its the problem or not, but I checked while the air was running and it was shooting out a lot of air - warm but still quite a bit of volume. Think this is the culprit? I tried to duct tape it see if it could hold the pressure, it did not last maybe five seconds so I couldn't tell if there was even a little difference.
  6. Successfully recharged, blowing cold, but now it seems to switch back and forth from forward vents to top (Under the windshield) with seemingly no method or reasoning. I can't force it to do either. Is this some sort of weird climate control thing or is something going bad?
  7. This is for real my last question for now as it just came to me. If they dump 2 lbs of refrigerant in there and I clear the code, do I need to run the A/C? For how long? I didn't consider the delayed process, normally you run the A/C when it's charging right? Does it matter if it sits in their before charging?
  8. Alright then, one last question before the deed is done and thanks again for all your help. They are gonna insist I hook it up to a diagnostic, I have no problem telling them no - I'm curious however, does the onboard diagnostic show all codes for the vehicle, or are there some that it would require it to be hooked up to a machine to read? I ask because there was some discussion about how many things it could have been and they were really pushing it, they seemed pretty convinced it was a pressure switch that needed replaced - I wasn't so sure. Its only throwing one ACM related code, I imag
  9. Cursory search suggests that requires a vacuum of some kind, so recharging it myself wouldn't be as simple as buying a kit and some cans of refridgerant. Okay well then, now the question I guess is whether I should go back to the shop that was either unaware (or intentional neglected) of the necessity to clear the ACM code and have them vac and charge it, or go to another shop. They've been exceedingly nice in the past just not sure I can trust em. Thanks for all your help, appreciate any opinions on the above - I know its kind of a grey area.
  10. Should a shop that isn't a specialized shop be aware of this? Honest mistake? Considering doing it myself, have never recharged my own A/C, or replaced the oil in the compressor or used trace dye. I've read that vehicles that once used Freon shouldn't be filled with R-134 without being flushed and cleaned - is that true? Would a 97 deville fall under that umbrella?
  11. I've frequently used caddyinfo for reference as this is my second Cadi, but this is my first time posting. I went back to a local shop that had replaced my radiator coolant tank a year ago to get a couple tires, an oil change and an A/C recharge. When I arrived to pick it up, I was surprised to see they were still working on it. They tell me they pumped in 2lbs of refridgerant but the compressor wouldn't draw it. So they were going to suck out the refridgerant and not charge me for the labor or refridgerant but they wanted me to bring it back for them to try and figure it out. Full disclosur
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