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  1. When I say thick rimmed real wood steering wheel, I mean that I would take a salvage yard stocker and modify it with a thicker ring, real leather and real wood trim in front. Not too thick though, it's not a race car.
  2. Appreciate all replies! I would prefer LT's but darn they get expensive fast, and they're not even stainless like those beautiful shorties. But...I'll do what I can. Internet research suggests that center dump headers will not work though. My dad got very excited when I found those aftermarket bumper fillers last year, and wanted them, but he didn't get the chance. Bad mods would no doubt decrease the value, but I'd bet good money the tasteful mods I want to do won't hurt at all. I've been doing some research and SOME well done deviations from factory stock of certain commodities can actually SUBSTANTIALLY increase the value of said commodity. Those mods are almost ALWAYS about increasing the performance. And besides, I won't be selling it, and my son won't be selling it, etc, etc, so the value point is moot. P.S. Thanks for the tip on the backing board! P.P.S. I'll post pics as soon as I can. I have been told by the estate rep. that he wishes that I would get it out of the way ASAP.
  3. I'm soon inheriting a 1978 Cadillac Coupe Deville in near mint condition, always garaged and never driven in winter, low miles @ 44,000, beautiful black paint, red velour interior and a good running 425. It has a few flaws, the headliner is falling down, the rear quarter panel bumper fillers are shot, the chrome has thinned in a few places, the hood ornament has been missing since the mid eighties, the AC doesn't work and the antenna is schizoid. Short history; My uncle bought it new in 78, instead of the Vette I pleaded with him to get.(I was around 17 at the time) He and my Grandfather only used it to pick up chicks, hence the low miles. After they both passed away in the eighties, my mother inherited it at about 32,000 miles. Most of the 12,000 or so miles that they put on happened early in her and my fathers ownership, then for the most part it has sat in their garage since the mid nineties. Both my mother and father are gone, so it is now in my care. I intend to keep it. My uncles history with it was of course getting it and caring for it in it's youth.(he passed away in 1989) He was VERY protective of it!! and we where respectful of his wishes. My mother actually didn't want it, but my dad talked her into it and again, he was VERY protective of it, plus he put a deep and beautiful polish on the original Sable Black paint. My dad often said he wasn't the owner, just the caretaker, which I intend to be too. BUT!!!!!!!! just as my Uncle and my Dad have their imprint on it, after fixing the few flaws it has, ( I JUST bought a very nice hood ornament on ebay.), I am going to imprint my own history on this car. I MAY add a lot of black to the interior, like the headliner, the carpet, some dash and door pieces and some lower seat detailing. It's just TOO much red. And perhaps in time a real wood trimmed thicker rimmed steering wheel. I WILL be putting a stout but quiet 500ci into it, with an aluminum aftermarket intake manifold , dressier, Cadillac scripted, valve covers in gloss black, I MAY change the rear gears, I will put on slightly larger stock appearing aluminum rims and tires and a free breathing exhaust. (I will also be crating and preserving the original 425) Which brings me to why I'm in this forum. Has anyone had any experience with putting these http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cadillac-8-2-7-7-7-0-368-425-472-500-Stainless-Manifolds-Headers-BIG-BLOCK-Caddy-/271428963648 into a Caddy instead of into a hotrod? Would love it, and the price is amazing.
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