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  1. a fire ..yes u could say that he didnt put the fpr back on and i was listen to the raido and then i hit the key and boom but nothing was hurt i put it out fast
  2. I'm sorry bout the mess up I'll get to a computer tomorrow and get it right
  3. The vacuum line that goes from the fpr to the throtal body I'm sorry it's were map sensor is it was leaking out the vacuum line into the what every that is its hooked to and when I hit the key it backed fired and boom it didn't eve burn a wire I had a fire ext close by got lucky I priced the part today it's 45$for that little thing.
  4. We'll I no gas was draining into the throstle body cause if u pull off the vacume hose gas is leaking out of it that's how I had the first fire so I think it really needs a fpr hell they can't be that much huh?
  5. No I haven't had time to touch it and I don't know what the name of the stuff was but it was something like block seal its fireing cause it tries to start but it just won't smell like it flooded out I think the fpr is stuck open but I'm gonna try and get one this week I'll let u no the out come
  6. well that is the problem i dont really know what to do to get it started ive charged the battery and wined on it till it ran down .when it was running it smoked white and smelled like raw fuel there might have been a little collant smell but im not sure but it turned from white to blue and when i hit the gas u couldnt see *smurf* then if u let it sit there and idel it whould stop .but when we put that stuff in the collant jug and filled it back up with water started it up lrt it run for bout a half hour i shut it off tried to start it up and no go it hasnt ran sence i just really dont know what to do i no a little bout older motors but i know nothing bout caddys or front wheel drives .... but i do want to thank you for all yaul imput keep it coming ..ill try the dash scan tomorrow after work and let yaul know what codes are there..
  7. so i went back and pluged up my scanner and no codes came up and i dont know how to do with the buttons in the car could u send me a play by play on that ? also the alternator is bad and i have to jump it to crank it could this be a problem?i no on some cars if it dont have enough volts it they wont start but the guy that i bought it from said it just started running bad ond day and its had a water pump put on it to but hey says it never ran hot is it possible i have a blown head gasket ?i have all reciets and even the sticker from when it was bought brand new it only has 119xxx miles on it and was owend by an old couple one died and they sold it to the guy i got it from and he is n his 50's so raw hideing is out of the question the car has been well cared for .and how hard is it to change censors that you refired too
  8. if a motor out of a 02 wont work in a 96 then whats different bout them

  9. no its not his fault al the wires r hooked up far as I know I don't know anything bout caddys but I knew something was wrong with it when I bought it ,that's how I got it so cheap .I only paid 500 for the car and wish I new how to put some pics on here I thought I could fix it pretty quick me an my family only have one car so im trying to hurry ,with very low funds .I have a 02 that was wrecked and I cant get papers on and it runs very good can I swap motors there the same motor and even the vin # on both cars have a y in them .thanks for the fast reply ,and please if you or any body else has any impute feel free to share.......
  10. ....I have checked the o-rings but they look fine. The only thing I noticed was that the plastic screen is warped a little. Just short of buying a new one, I am seriously considering some sealant around the flange. I also considered bending the retainer clip to put more pressure on the seal....? You are risking an out-of-control thermal event (FIRE).Replace the O rings and the screen. Even if that means buying the entire fuel pressure regulator just to get the parts. The pay back will come in the form of future insurance premiums. I had same thing butmy friend took it off and didn't tell me what it was for so I tried to crank it one more time after listen to the raido for 30 min ......yep u guessed it BOOM!!!!! but it ant hurt got lucky .but still wont crank..
  11. I have a 96 devil I bought this car really cheap and it is perfect shape but when I bought it it was smokeing white and smelled like raw fuel .so I thought it was a head gasket so I tried block seal now it wont start at all.i pulled the codes on it and they are c0001 p0001 voo81 po300 p0107 p0108 p0325 p0306 and I don't even know were to start.but I have a 02 with the same motor .can I put it in my 96 all help is greatly appreciated thank you and god bless..
  12. so did any one answer your ? cause I have a 96 Fleetwood some codes I don't get.i have a 02 that I cant get papers on so its for parts
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