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    1990 cadillaic fleetwood gold edition
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  1. I made sure it was on avg mpg and when i started then drove it said 7.5, the after driving a couple block to see if it would change i reset it and it started displaying 5.5-6.5 slowly? does this sould like my (new) o2 sensor could be faulty? i belive it could be some other issue as to why i am getting low mpg. but there is a very noticeable change in the avg mpg even tho it started out bad. and only happed after the new 02 sensor was installed..
  2. thank you! sorry about that this is my first of my own cadillac, still getting use to it. im about to go out and flip it to average mpg in a couple mins. and see what it says. but what would the purpose for a instant fuel mileage setting serve?
  3. okay i still have to look at a few components but yesterday i replaced o2 sensor and filled up my tank. my digital avg mpg reader used to display 9.5 (varied a little bit slowly). now it displays 0 at a stop and increases rapidly when not on gas down hill up to 32 avg mpg, and rapidly up to about 13 on the gas on a flat surface. why would this change so drastically with a new part? could it be displaying a ritch condition? or could i have gotten a bad part? my check engine light (since i cleared codes) is not on but i will check if anny codes get displayed at all, i will also test to see if my o2 sensor is good along with the connector..
  4. cool i will check it with my volt meeter gotta look up best way to go about thow because it fwd and it will be difficult to spin wheel and probe. on another note my abs went out on the way to work yesterday but my anti-lock light is still on, i thought they were related? i could not remove the two front sensors so i clean the best i could. this is strange i dont think i fixed it but ill run a test and see if there proper current.
  5. cool thanks guy. good knowledge to know.
  6. yea thats what i mean by acc turn it to the first click to where it gives power to the components like radio. what i meant was unhook battery then hook back up? you started you post by saying hook up battery
  7. Nice. about the resistors i heard that its hard to find the right amount of resistors to copy a keys frequency? are the resistors predictable?
  8. ill try it again to make sure it seemed to work for a few seconds the quit the first time i tried. also take the battery out then hook up turnn to acc...?
  9. i think when people mess with the fequenceys of anny car it could have issues. my security system on my 1998 oldsmobile achiva went bad on it's own. i forgot what system it had passlock1,2 vats, passkey idk but i cut the yellow wire in my steering wheel and it started ever since. i had a red security light on tho. but if anny one know how to bypass the system properly resistors,switch, module i would like to know to (last resort). but i would like to hear about the success stories of others installing aftermarket remote unlock/ and or starter.
  10. I misspoke when i said 42, i meant to say 49. also i am getting different code meanings from what you said to my book. are we talking about the Teves Mark ll (2) system. i have also cleared the codes and so far my engine light did not come on. when i get home i am going to see if there are anny codes that still show. i have tried to take out and inspect/ clean my wheel speed sensors for my front tires. but would not budge no matter what i did?? tried to clean put wheels back on still get abs codes
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