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  1. Thank you barczy01! I'm located in Iowa. I really would like to find out what's going on with it before I actually tow it to a place here in town... because the mechanics here tend to give me the run-around (small town - no Cadillac experts). But, how much would you estimate it would cost to get a used transmission and install it on my car? If that is the issue..
  2. Thanks Cadillac Jim! I will have to check the OBD codes & let you know... it's been so long ago I don't recall what it stated. As for the liquid, it wasn't coolant... it was dark brown with a red tint and it was thicker like oil - I'm thinking either oil or transmission fluid? From where the tow truck towed me, there was a trail of the liquid to my house, then a huge puddle of it ended up draining out to the edge of my driveway. I just realized.. a quick check I could do would be to check the oil and add some in to see if it spills out below... that would tell me more right there. I will do that and also check out the coolant to see if it looks normal. I should also mention that I was having running issue before this happened - when I would stop at a light/stop sign, the car would chug on me and sometimes stall. I took it in to get fixed and was told it was the spark plugs..... got them fixed and was still having same troubles. It's been very difficult finding a reputable mechanic in the neighborhood :/
  3. I love my Cadillac, but this last winter, it broke down on me. I was driving it when it was at least -10 degrees here in Iowa:/ As I was turning the corner, it suddenly became difficult to turn. I pulled off to side and it wasn't wanting to move forward; however, it would go in reverse just fine. I had it towed home and the next day I noticed a fluid had leaked out - it was brown/dark red in color. I would love to fix my Caddy up, but I'm afraid the cost will be as much (if not more!) than what I paid for it years ago. Any ideas on what the problem could be??? Thanks in advance!