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  1. This Northstar has me stumped. Never saw anything like it.

  2. I've been working on cars since age 11 and was happy to be given a 1999 Deville from a guy at church. He'd given up on it. Body and interior are in excellent condition. More brand new parts than you can shake a stick at. Down to brass tacks... It's overheating. The guy that owned it before me got it up to 250F. He pulled over and killed the engine. From that point and without his knowledge, it blew out the freeze plug from the head. I was able to fix that. I've never had a car run 205F-225F and be considered normal. I need to know how to keep this from getting over 190F - even if I have to rig/modify it. New water pump and belt. I had helped him wire the fans direct with a switch so we could control the on/off, thinking, hopefully that this would force the engine to run at about 165F-185F. I do realize the whole concept behind a thermostat is so that the engine can get water heat at one point to allow you to have better heat within the car. In some respects, even better running performance. After doing some research on this forum, it looks like I'm going to have to invest in some pipe cleaners. I have flushed the cooling system and went so far as to take the guts out of the thermostat so I could still use the rubber ring to keep it from leaking. Noticed some oil loss but there is no water going into the oil nor is there any water coming out of the tailpipe. I look forward to any comments and advice. Thank you in advance. God bless! Billy
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