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  1. Thanks for your reply, yes I started with codes basically looking for ECT code never got any... then went to relays, fuses, and so checking the fan motors was my next hunch...with 2 wires or gator wire clips but b4 I did this I said let me start with some connectors first and "Bingo" it was the (fan speed ) module next to the fans mounted to frame it was very sluggy dirty I wiped it all off reconnected and shortly after starting my car the fans kicked on! Now to find time to go get the 2 blend door actuators which in turn will probably fix AC and defrost along with heat early for winter! Understand I work 2 jobs and would never let my man touch my car ( he is far from being able to fix his own, its all rigged up in someway sometimes I have the attitude of I will fix it later don't have time but NOT anymore, keeping my eyes open cuz this one has been my favorite by far of the other few ive had! I love my caddy had it for 11 years now! I am the 2nd owner.
  2. I found problem today before i decided to check fans i then started checking fan connectors and fan speed module and bingo, fans came on within 5 minutes yet i had been driving around prior to checkin and it cooled down only a brief 20 mins. And keep in mind i never let my gauge climb higher than 235/240 i would shut it off thats how i noticed when fans wasnt working cuz my car has always kicked on by that point, i sure am glad i caught this b4 it really starts getting into a very hott summer

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  3. Alrighty, Hello everyone well I decided to create a new post on why both my coolant fans are not working! So, here is what I have done to get more advice or what I should check or if anyone else has this problem... Ive checked and replaced 3 relays under hood in fuse box, and ac relay and checked fuse for AC and I forgot to mention I ran codes and nothing indicates problems with fans yet, I do know that I need to replace a couple of actuators ( blend doors ) IPM B1341 = air mix two movement faulty meaning heating and AC problems and IPM B1343 = actuator for defrost HVAC controls between auto and manual <mode> and have done several times and I do hear a clicking noise but it doesn't seem to indicate that its not working b/c I hear all levels and blower motor is working fine on all levels too! But of course I have no heat on passenger side or vent for back seat and AC doesn't work at all yet ive checked Freon its full and compressor is turning so at this point I think this definitely tells me its the actuators. I also, think I will get some alligator wires to check fans at connectors by unplugging them or just a couple of wires to connect to positive / neg on connectors to fans, I think this will stop my guessing games so if fans don't come on I will be replacing fans...I think I might have just solved my own problem with fans and replace at least 2 actuators since the 2 codes came up...but if im missing something could you all help me to problem solve! And no need to mention the sending unit ( so don't be one of those ) b/c its in the motor and was replaced when I fixed the cross over assembly with new o-ring gaskets and sealant additive! I was ahead of that due to researching problem first...that is why I am adding a post as well to help others or b/c I might be missing something that I have not thought of yet!! I am not a mechanic I simply grew up around cars so I do save a whole lotta money, im patient, strong and very determined to track problems down also have garage so it might take me a few hours or a couple days longer to fix my own car!