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    Eldorado 1995
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    Northstar 4.6L V8 (LD8/L37)

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  1. No buttons for traction control...the only buttons inside glove box are on left side,one is trunk release the other is fuel door release! looking for bad wires and such but at a loss on what/how to check wiring.
  2. Ran codes again...getting I034 (loss of pcm data) and T077 (pcs curcuit fault) not sure how to proceed with fixing the problems!
  3. using the onboard diagnostics......"traction disabled" message came back on last night,haven't ran codes yet to see what it's showing.
  4. Readings from onboard diagnostics,yeah I was surprised myself that I no longer have any current codes.....don't know if abs light was from removing plug from abs unit to clean contacts but it wasn't on until that was done!
  5. Both plugs are connected,the abs light came on a few days ago when I unplugged the big connector on abs unit to clean contacts (something I read about online,as possible cause of "traction disabled")
  6. Ok,I've put new Front wheel hubs on my Eldorado and it has cleared the "traction disabled" message and no longer shows any current codes.I am now only getting an ABS light on dash,but it's not throwing codes...better then the issue I was having
  7. Thanks for the quick reponse to my post...on the 95 Eldorado there are no buttons in glove box for traction control,for some reason that model year didn't have that option! I'll do some checking on the other items you listed and see what I can find.Thanks again.
  8. I am getting a "traction disabled" message on my 95 Eldorado...pulled codes and have current codes of A011,T077 and I034 have found online that A011 means "high side temp sensor" T077 means "pcs circuit fault" and the I034 haven't found...can anyone tell me what I034 means.Also what needs to be done to fix all three,such as location of issue,what to check etc! Thanks in advance!!
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