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  1. All photos of the build will continue to be posted here :
  2. For those with Facebook, I'm starting to post teaser update photos of the Duke, here :
  3. I'm still here..... Progress on the Duke has slowed to a halt, due to a divorce (Mine) but it will be started on again, when the dust has settled, in about 2 months from now. ;-)
  4. Well, after a weekend consisting of many hours of rebuilding work, it is obvious that the Duke will not be in a state to be able to be used to go to this years' Goodwood Revival. :-( It appears as though the surface preparation which the bodyshop did on some of the body panels, was not up to scratch and that paint has already started lifting on a couple of panels. The panels in question will be redone, properly, but it can't be rectified in time for my departure for England on Wednesday.;53907C9E-DA00-467E-A59A-B9BDA8ECCA47;CC1CD39D-1FF9-422A-B7FC-BE5EBE37B79F C'est la vie.
  5. Here is a nice photo of the new Model A tail lights and the new Dashboard, in place.;6F0C433B-39C3-422E-9929-25E2C31952EC The left hand pair of lights both have the numberplate illumination glass at the bottom and their pracket houses the numberplate mount.
  6. Teaser shots will probably be the order of the day between now and Wednesday but here is a nice one of the front with the train horns removed and suitable ss100 style horns in place.... The headlights have wire grills which will only be fitted after the Vehicle agency inspection on Monday morning as time is too short, meaning that the priority now is to get all the bits needed to pass inspection, done and do the final cosmetics between Monday evening and Wednesday lunchtime, prior to her maiden outing at the Goodwood Revival in England.... Not exactly my idea of the perfect destination for an initial shakedown run though, if I'm being honest. ;-(;DA849666-8A09-4AA7-BF4B-EDC6C5065DD6
  7. The Duke restoration has now turned the final corner and is rapidly starting to look like a car again. ;-);B4579D45-F75A-403B-8CB3-3073B9F03D53
  8. Hi Rick, Sorry for the radio silence but I've been away. I will take photos of the new top and side screens later this week and post them for you to have a look at and if you are interested, just drop me a line and make me an offer. :-) We are in the process of making a new dash for the Duke, in metal and with the radio located in the glove box... It's almost ready to be taken off, stripped down and sent off to be sprayed black, to match the rest of the bodywork.... Thought you may be interested to see the result, so far. ;-);E30D9D9D-EFD2-4E2F-96D5-6FA4EE388C6E
  9. Here is a photo of the Luggage Rack being held up during initial trials. :-);2F586310-0DCA-4A00-9C7F-40DAF503409C
  10. Being in Europe, a Mustang 2 fuel tank was not a financially viable option, but the Beetle tank fits well and should work a charm, now that we have modified the intake pipe on the tank. There is a fair bit of room for you to make a storage compartment and we were thinking of doing this by making a fiberglass tub which you could get to from the inside of the Duke. Our Duke already had the opening, as you can see from the photos and this would have been the neatest option, with the downside that the opening would not be as big as if you cut a new opening from the rear, of course. In the end, we needed the space for the stealth stereo installation (Rear speakers and sub-woofer sealed box) so we opted to use a modern reproduction model A Ford trunk rack, mounting it through 2 slits in the rear bodywork, to the chassis. the great thing is that the spacing of the chrome strips on the rack, match the spacing of the uprights on the rear of the duke, perfectly. The Duke HAS to be ready before the 10th of September as I will be using it to go to the Goodwood Revival in England (Cars, Bikes and Planes from the 40s through to the 60s with everyone also dressed in period costume.) I can't wait either.... The Duke rebuild has taken way longer than we planned, at the start, with a typical Domino effect caused by the fact that once you decide, or are forced, to change one thing, it then makes the next thing down the line need to be uprated or changed, so that it doesn't look out of place. :-) This board has been a great find and I am really glad that Bruce opened it up and that you gents also found it as between us all, there is now way more (useful) information, here, on the Duke than the rest of the internet put together. ;-) On a side note, we will not be putting the bumpers back on our Duke, nor will we be fitting a New Old Stock brown vinyl top and side windows which came with the car, so if anyone is ever needs either, feel free to drop me a line at The old soft-top had been unstitched and used as a template to make a mohair top, by the way. ;-)
  11. I have a few photos of the rear end. Scroll down to July the 12th photos as they could help. One thing to note is that we have replaced the old rusty fuel tank with a new, modified, Beetle tank.
  12. The windscreen does not fold down, sadly, so the aero screens will be fitted behind the windscreen and the windscreen removed as and when required. The Current plan is to leave the Aero screens in place permanently though.
  13. The "Jaguar Enthusiasts Club" certainly exists, and is going strong... Based in the Uk. ;-)
  14. Already have a pair of these Brooklands screens, ready to go on the Duke, during re-assembly..... They are well made and trial fitting has shown that they should also look the part. It will be a few weeks before I can post pictures of them on the car though.