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  1. thanks Jim do you know where i could get the parts to fix
  2. i was also wondering would any of these codes make ABS light and traction control disabled come on and make the car start out in second gear
  3. code I027-PRND321 switch failure, code T027-LF wheel speed sensor continuity fault and code T073-PCM EBTCH/EBCM pulse width modulation signal fault. i think its the T073 code plus do you know where i could get the parts to fix the PRND321switch and speed sensor. Thank you
  4. hello i have a 1995 Cadillac seville sts and the other day i started my car and it had a rough idle for just over a minute after start lots of vibration it would not happen if i turned car off and restart but if sat for about 2 hours or longer it would happen again. does anybody know whats wrong? any help is appreciated
  5. i had overheating problems with my 95 seville and i tried runing a 70/30 mix %70 coolent and %30 water and it helped but just alittle so i tried water wetter and stop the high temp like 210+ even in heavy city traffic
  6. i just recently installed a CAI and loving it i feel as though throttle is a little more responsive and your rough idle might be the throttle body needing adjustment mine was having rough idle first start up of the day but after a few minutes it went away but i tried messing with throttle body and went away all together
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