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  1. I cleared the codes and got the current codes. Current codes are E30 and F47...the car is in the same shape. I decided to unplug the map sensor to see if that would change anything, the car ran just as crappy. I plugged the map senor in, cleared the codes, and now its back to only showing E30 abd E47, this is after is of course after running to operating temp and driving around the block. So im not sure if it is the map sensor or not, more confused than before. The car engine is really is great shape, the vacuum lines are in excellent shape no cracks or leaks that I can tell.. All else I can
  2. Update: I got the all the fluids changed and flushed, all the old gas burnt up at this point. But on my way to get the fluids flushed the car lost all power, and now only seems to just barley coast along. With a flat stretch the car can barley get up to 55 mph, and hills are pretty much out of the question. I'm not sure what happened, but im feeling like the engine is just flooded like crazy and can barley burn up the fuel that the system is putting in, based on the fact its just gulping down the gas at this point even while barley stepping on the gas. Im still working on getting a new MAP se
  3. I didn't ask this the first time, but I dont know how to tell which codes are history codes and current codes?
  4. Thank you very much for info, I'm getting the oil and radiator flushed today and fixing the map senor, battery replaced and alternator checked. As for the ISC stepping motor, ill have to figure that out after I get this done first, though the transmission is in good shape so im not sure how worried I should be about it. Ill report back, thank you for your help.
  5. I have a 1990 Deville 4.5L 4D sedan I picked up about a week ago, the car has been garaged most of its life and the mileage just rolled over 101,000. Before I picked up this car I know it had been sitting outside a garage for about 6-9 months, and was filled with bee's. Just before I picked up the car they replaced the distributor, spark plugs and plug wires, replaced the main gasket on the bottom of the transmission, changed the tranny oil, charged the battery, and topped off the other fluids. I have run a few oz of seafoam through the brake booster vacuum line to help clear out the cylinder
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