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  1. Hello, Fellow Caddy enthusiasts! New member here... Actually, this is my first post ever(Hopefully it's in the right place ) ! Anyway, I am posting this because I've been having some issues with the coolant system on a 98 STS... O.k. So, I AM aware of the head-gasket failure on this car and that was the first thing that I had diagnosed; It was done by a professional mechanic, GM certified(if that matters)! Also, tried to have the shop flush the radiator/coolant system... The rest of the work I did myself!? I'm NOT a mechanic but, I am fairly sensible and know my way around a wrench pretty well. Here is a list of what I did myself: Changed 1. Thermostat, 2. Water pump, 3. Radiator & 2 main hoses, 4. Reservoir tank and Pressure Cap ! Before taking the car apart it ran HOT but, i did have a small amount of circulation and the heater(defrost) blew hot air... After putting everything back together it feels like there is NO circulation in the two big radiator hoses at all; And they eventually get very hot and start to swell under pressure! Also, I can turn the Defrost setting on and the car NO longer blows hot air. Only cold! That's car idling 20-25 mins. at a time and heating up to about 3/4 the way up on the temp gauge... Which makes sense if it's not circulating. So, my question is, "What have I overlooked?" or "Is there anywhere I can access the coolant system diagram for this particular vehicle?" I have read about the water-pump pulley and a "crossover" hose(not sure where that's located) but, is there anything else? Is there any extremely small hoses or ports that I may need to check? I tried to be as thorough as possible?! But, if you have any questions or advice feel free to reply! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! So, If anyone has any ideas please let me know! Thanks in advance!!