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    97 Cadillac Catera Fluid Leak

    The problem with replacing the covers, is one, I'm broke, and two they're plastic. So if they are warped, or cracked it's bound to just happen again. And I cannot seem to find ANYWHERE that makes metal valve covers, or any other material other than this plastic like crap. I have heard of people that say they can't stop oil leaks from the valve covers on this car, so they just constantly put oil in it. That doesn't seem safe to me, especially since mine is leaking directly on the exhaust manifold. Any advice on that?
  2. Ronnie VanZant

    97 Cadillac Catera Fluid Leak

    UPDATE: Took it back to a mechanic, only to find out that the valve covers are leaking. AGAIN. Not sure what went wrong. Could it be the torque possibly? Also, I have read that the covers on this car are defective due to the fact that they are made from a plastic material. I really cannot afford to pay the mechanic to fix it. I've been told to remove the covers, clean them really well and apply Permatex to eliminate leaking. Has anyone done this before? Will it work?
  3. Hello, I bought a 1997 Cadillac Catera in May of this year. When I bought the car I had it serviced and all seemed well. Later I began to notice a burning smell coming from the car and smoke coming from under the hood. Took to a mechanic to have it diagnosed and he said it needed new valve cover gaskets to start with. Replaced those and cleaned the engine well. (When I changed the gaskets, the spark plug resevoirs were full of oil) Cleaned them out, put new plugs in, new gaskets, and all seemed well up until recently. It is smoking from the drivers side of the engine and the bottom left front of the engine is drenched in oil which I suspect could be either motor oil or power steering fluid. I plan on taking it to a mechanic, but I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this before and what could be some possible leak locations? Thanks and all comments and replies are welcome!