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  1. I changed fuel pump yesterday with asy, works perfect again!
  2. Figured it out, was low on coolant, from when I first put coolant in after the water pump repair. Is the fuel level sensor, apart of the fuel pump?
  3. I didn't even think that hose!
  4. I've tested for blown HG, and exhaust/fuel in oil, it all checks out great, so maybe the system hadn't have been bled all the way of the air and there's still a pocket of air moving around
  5. I just bought a 2000 deville 130k miles She came to me overheating (I traded a 95 Camaro that I paid 800 for), the water pump was froze and the seals were busted there was no water, he said he came out one morning, and there was no water, he turned it on, got hot, turned it off and then I paid for it to be towed to my house. She is NOT overheating now after I did the water pump and all new gaskets and hoses. My question is, this morning I was driving between 10 - 20 mph for about 10 minutes, and the temp went one notch over half, not anymore and then went back down, is this normal? This is my first cadillac, or northstar motor, so I don't know the operating temps based on the digital meter.