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  1. Ok thanks. By any chance do u know what is the mileage life of these cars....mine has 123k
  2. Did that. The car wouldnt start, that led me to notice the purple ground wire was the one that was bad. I yanked it real hard, and for some reason the problem got fixed.
  3. Well, so far its still working
  4. I think i found my problem. Starter cables causing starter to heat up. Car cranks normal after shaking cables around
  5. I thought about that. If that is the case what are other steps to follow?
  6. Update: New terminals, battery charged up 100 percent. Cranked up twice and ran. After turning off both times took awhile for it to crank again. Now wont crank at all.... Dash still works, just wont start..any tips? Help please
  7. Wow. Well here is my update: This morning i tried the PRNDL sequence and it didnt work. When on to check battery terminals, and found the negative was FULL of corrosion. Pulled battery, and found a 100 percent discharge. Battery is charging now at carquest and bought two new terminals for the battery. Can this cause my problem??? Thanks Any other suggestions? Anything i should clean? Any relays in this model? Sensors? Also found that when a fuse is placed in fuse ox for stereo, i get a big spark of elecricity, radio is after market? Can this cause a short? Remove radio? Again my car is a 1990 Cadillac Deville 4.5L V8. Thatnks
  8. This is real helpful, guys please keep these suggestions coming
  9. What did u do to fix yours goran?
  10. Ok, ill have to try this first step tomorrow. As car is in the shop, and not even the mechanic there knows what the issue is. I tried this step but i didnt stop at any gear, just kinda slided through fast
  11. Anty Gonzalez

    GMHighTechPerf: Twin-Turbo LF3 V-6

  12. I tried that, but not in that order. Is that the sequence i should follow? Thanks soooo much!
  13. I bought me my dream Cadillac. A 1990 Cadillac Deville w/ the strong 4.5L V8 with only 123k miles. Only a BIG problem! It starts when it wants to! What causes this? When it run i dont want to stop driving it, it runs perfect, shifts perfect. But sometimes i put the key in and the dash lights up but the car wont even try to start. No clicking noise, nothing. I put a new starter in it. Checked cables from starter. Idk what this is. What causes a vehicle to start only sometimes? Anybody with a clue? Im soooo frustrated! :-( please help me...