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  1. looks like it just has spring clamps on it, not a bolt
  2. While waiting for reply removed hose from coolant tank, got nothing coming from hose. Removed tubing from other end and it was clogged, and I heard a gurgling sound coming from drivers side! Going to clean it out and before reattaching restart car and make sure coolant is coming from where tubing was hooked up.
  3. Okay, I'm getting ready to check the purge line, is this the bolt everyone is talking about? Thank You
  4. Cadillac Jim, Thanks for all that information, I appreciate the time you spent on it for me! It'll give me a direction to do some more research.
  5. That's a lot of info, not sure what it all means, especially as pertaining to my problem (s). If the info on the coolant temperature is 'current' it can't be correct as the car has not been moved or started in over 36 hrs. I haven't checked the purge line yet. Is that the next step or do these codes mean I need to go in a different direction?
  6. Rockfangd, I did as you suggested, I'm sure there are certain things you'd look for in these codes, I tried to write everything down but got lost. Trying to be smart I videod it w/my phone and then rather than try to upload a file that someone might be afraid to open I just posted it on youtube. Sorry it's sideways, but maybe you can make some sense of this? Thanks for all f your help video link:
  7. Have a 97 Deville, had been leaking coolant slowly, after engine had warmed up it was dripping by passenger front tire ( down the boot area), also associated with? AC would only blow hot air. Took it in, was told that I needed a new thermostat and a backflush told them to do it if it would fix problem. Now over a 20 mile trip had to pull over 3 times as engine was too hot to drive, had to add coolant as was low. Is it possible that they put a bad thermostat in or should I be worrying more that either they screwed something up when they worked on it or a new problem has arisen? I took it back, they said the fan was not coming on, and they replaced 3 relays. Also stated they ran power to the fan and it works. Claims it may have to do with the ECU and they aren't qualified to check any further than they have. Any suggestions? Thanks