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  1. Guys, Thank you SO much for the information. By doing the above mentioned tests, it head gasket. Definite exhaust smell in purge tank and small bubbles. I was hoping it was not. I was repairing to sell it, now I will rethink what to do.
  2. Current Codes are: P0300, c1783, c1785 Still need to do the checks for Head leakage. Thank you so much!
  3. I hope I am posting in the right spot. I have a 1997 Eldorado ETC, 108K miles. It had a crack in the radiator upper right side. I replaced the radiator and tstat, but, its still overheating after about 15 miles. I have flushed the block and new radiator, cooling fans work, pass over not plugged. I have run it with and with out tstat. I am at wits end. All I can come up with is the heater core (which shows on signs of leakage) It has also developed a good miss, I think I need to replace a couple coils, no biggie, unless it is related to this. Any help or advise is GREATLY appreciated.
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