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  1. i ran motor for 30 min or so a few days ago. started it again yesterday and it is purring. clatter is 90% gone. how it goes from noisy to not noisy when it is off is odd. i am impressed by how smooth it seems to ride vs my previous vue which sounded like parts were falling off. the suspension actually feels tight. it does have new rear coils and shocks. the front struts look original. this is first used car i have had that has 100% new exhaust. from cats back to muffler tip. very quiet.
  2. yes i did. real test of patience to take apart 24 lifters. the vue is running now. kid with vue #2 was over yesterday. i replaced a wheel bearing. her motor makes the same clatter/tap sound as my vue. are the 3.0 motors just noisy? injector noise? cam/lifter clatter? of course i did her timing belt 4 yrs ago. maybe there is a common link here?
  3. I pulled the motor in my 96 sts for headgasket job. Than 2 yrs later the radiator died and ruined the trans. So I pulled the trans. Ironic to have motor suspended by lift bar and trans now gone. Whew. So much work. I found a trans from a 99 Eldo. I also noticed a huge "crack" on back side of block? I could not believe it was a casting Mark. It was on side of block between motor/trans and about 12"-16" half moon sort of arc. Maybe it was? I put n used trans and drive it for 6 months and sold it for cheap.
  4. Serp belt is on. Valve covers are on. Exh is bolted to manifolds. Did I mention former owner replaced entire exhaust? New cats. Woohoo. That's why I bought vue. For new exhaust. Only need to drop intake plenum on. Kid has another 3.0 vue that needs a thermostat. Which I have. Was going to do that job as a primer for my vue. Than hoses/fittings/wire layout would be fresh in my mind.
  5. the pic of cast alum bracket shows a thin "finger" under the hex pulley. the new bracket does not have this and also moves the hex roller about 3/4" to the right. actually, i think the middle roller is about 1/4" from the cam sprocket 3. the gates website says use a hex roller in the 3rd position or the belt may have "tracking" issues. the old roller did have a noisy bearing. i guess the former mechanic was just lazy. motor is timed now. i am putting bits back on and should try and start it this weekend after 5 months of sitting.
  6. my car has a new cast alum tensioner bracket so it has the 2 new rollers which are mounted to it. but the previous mechanic reused the right/lower roller which does not have a hex adjuster. i found a number of videos online about setting the timing using both hex adjusters. my timing marks are very close. less than 1/16" from marks.i think all 4 marks are about the same. i tried to tweak the single hex i have on the cast bracket and it seems to have no effect on the timing. i decided for giggles to order a new roller for the right/lower position to see if i can make a more pronounced change. and to at least get new bearings in the roller. i see rockauto has the fixed hub roller in stock and the offset roller. but i have been told the latest cast bracket should be used with the 2 hex rollers.
  7. The lower timing belt pulley does not have a hex eccentric design? All the pics I see of vue motors has an eccentric. Do the cts 3.2 motors not use the eccentric?
  8. Went to vauxhall/omega site.they use same motor told to clean dia next to cast hex. Found the markings e1, a2, a3, e9 e1 is exhaust near radiator in my case.
  9. base circle to lobe tip is .025" different between 2 cams. i still would like to find some info on the cam markings i found.
  10. I bought a silver 3.0 vue in January. Had misfire. Leaky gaskets, rotten exh for almost nothing. Than I found another 3.0 with an all new exhaust. New cats, new tires. But bad timing? owner had spent $2500 on parts and had new timing kit put on as maintenance. drove for several weeks and it stalled. Sold it to me i found no compression and bent valves. silver vue is gone. Current vue is red.
  11. Logan, I rented the timing kit from you? 4 yrs ago? that was for kids vue, I got this one as a test of my patience Really been putting this off. i removed cams and kept everything organized. but I was inspecting cams and wanted to verify some things. all have same casting number. each has a GC number. Gc25, gc26, GC27 and GC 19 there is no numbers/etching on cam ends. How do u ID and intake or exhaust cam? i measured the lobes and they are identical lift? Or within .010?
  12. any info on valve damage due to timing belt issues? my saturn vue uses the opel 3.0 motor which is basically the same as the cts 3.2. i got vue with suspected timing belt issues and i pulled heads and all intake valves nicked the piston tops. but there are not exhaust valve nicks. i think 2 cyls have stuck valves but 4 look ok but i plan on replacing all intake valves. anyone know if my exhaust valves are probably ok? yes i can pull valves and inspect them and so on but if someone says the exhaust valves dont have issues than i will go from there.
  13. A salvage outfit in Iowa likes cts-v's it seems. He has 4 for sale in various states of damage. It's a bit disconcerting to see pics of an 2011 V with a crushed front end and 2200 miles. A bit off topic but it's still V stuff.
  14. You said cts-v in post but your info says Sts-v. It also says 6.2l sc motor which the cts-v has while the Sts-v has the sc 4.4 NS. But we all know that.