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  1. Ok so far I have replaced the water pump,thermostat , the crossover pipe gaskets,radiator,recovery tank,alternator ,and starter. I also have both fans triggered upon ignition. Here are the symptoms: Highway driving no overheating issues,but after I exit, within 5min the temp starts to climb and the heat (pegged@90) starts to get cooler. If I'm in stop n go traffic,it would overheat,but since I did the fans to the ignition,she would just run hot. If I'm on a nice stretch of road ,the heat starts to return and the temp goes back to normal. Here the thing, if I'm driving on locally, everything is fine,even after an hour,but once the car is stopped, the temp starts to rise. Just yesterday I noticed if I bring the RPMs up to 2500-3000,she returns to normal operating temp. Today I did local and highway driving during rush hour,when the temp started to climb at a traffic light,I'd bring the rev up and in a matter of seconds the temp is normal. Also no coolant loss,no steam,no wet tailpipes. The has about 130,000 mi, I bought it with 111,000mi last year,drove it from NY to Ca last summer. I started having issues when the radiator developed a crack in the passenger side tank. I did put some Bar's Leak head gasket,radiator and heater core sealer in the system while trying to figure out what was the culprit.