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    I am a student at Copper Mountian College,im graduating with my AA in automotive and pursuing a career in High Performance Racing,not so much nascar more of drifting and NHRA
  1. I like the input, i knew it would be time consuming and take some money to modify this car like this,but the main question is what is the car worth the way it is? interior exterior is very nice,tags are almost 2 years bad now,it has been sitting in the shop parking lot so what is a reasonable offer? If i purchase this car i will just make it run for now,later when i get into my career choice i may do some modifications
  2. i will have to check the engine condition,it has been sitting for about a year now,even just buying it and fixing the stock motor wouldnt be bad,i like the look of the car
  3. I wanted to buy a 97 Cadillac SLS with a blown head gasket,bad overheating problem,its out of warranty buy looks great inside and outside,the tags are bad,whats the car worth? AND what kind of engine would i be able to mount in the engine compartment? I want to buy a chevy 350 or something like that,can it be made rear wheel drive? I want the ride of a caddy and the muscle of chevy
  4. Whats a 98 SLS worth with bad engine? excellent interior/exterior,bad tags

  5. I am interested in buying a 97 or 98 cadillac sls with an overheating problem,it has the v-8 northstar engine,the car and transmission are great condition,interior and paint is great,newish tires,tags are 2 years out now,whats the value of this car with an engine that only drives 10 miles before overheating? If i did buy this car what types of engines are compatible with it? I dont mind looking towards a camaro engine,Is there any way of making this car rear wheel drive? I want to make this cadillac a beast
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