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  1. she was sitting in traffic and it just went dead, but it has gas and the lights come on. I was thinking maybe the battery didn't have enough life in it to keep it running but enough to turn on the lights.
  2. well now we have bigger issues the battry drained yesterday and I took it and had it charged and this morning it did it again
  3. it is glitch as in has dark spots over the gas reading. the data ticker thingy at the bottom seems to be jumbled.. she will be here when I get home today so ill take a picture of it and post it. I was going to check her fuses today and all that jazz.
  4. Hey guys long time no type. I have been working a lot but that's the life of a chef I guess. I am having trouble out of my sisters 1997 cadillac deville d'elegance. the insterment panel is glitching out on her and I was wondering if I can just replace the electic on with a normal (analog I guess) one?
  5. I unhooked my battery today and hooked it back up and no codes are showing
  6. I am also needing to change my spark plugs and drain my trans
  7. How do I go about cleaning them. Do I just unhook the battery
  8. I replaced all my vaccum tubes and my check engine light went off
  9. So I found and change my pcv valve and my car runs lots better still working on code and I am almost done replacing my hoses.
  10. One thing I can't find this darned pcv valve to replace it. Ether I'm not looking hard enough or it's not there..... Lol bye I am going to take my before complete restore pics tomorow
  11. Well I am replacing hoses anyway some of them just look old and dry so I thought best to replace them.please remember I never had the dad son car time most get. But this is give me and my 4 year old and helper car time we are learning together and I thank you all for you help. Do I did check for leaks found some on most the vacum hoses it effected it greatly. I also bought a new PVC valve and breather they haven't been changed in 10 years ( I have owners mantince papers) I am also going to drain my anti freeze and refill it.
  12. Btw might be a bad thing to ask but how do I check for vacuum leaks?
  13. well I wouldn't call it throwing parts at the car has set up for a few months at a time once the orginal owner went blind.. im the second owner but I do get your point and will work the procces
  14. the number 6 part on the diagram and its the number 8 clip I belive I need
  15. ok guys I haven't had a chance to check anything, the life of a cook you know. My wife did call and ask part prices at auto . They are all under 20 dollars so I may just replace them anyways to have it done. Heck I only have $2800.00 invested in this car and that includes buying it lol .
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