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  1. Ok tried fuse jumper.. car started a few times but died quickly, within seconds. Checked fuel pressure. It was at zero. Put test light on connectors at fuel pump. I had power going to both connectors. I reinstalled old fuel pump at pressure shot up to 38 PSI just like before. Still wouldn't start. Just cranked. Sprayed ether in the intake and still it would start. Last time I had checked spark I was getting blue spark but I only checked on the front bank. Back bank looked like a pain in the but to get too. The new fuel pump was brand new AC Delco. Seems to be defective. Also wasn't sure on orientation of fuel pump relay so I plugged in to the left side one time and then into right side of relay ports. Right side blew fuse immediately. Whatever that means.
  2. Ok guys brief update. New cam sensor installed. Pretty easy once the expansion coolant tank is moved out of the way. Found fuse jumper. Have yet to try it though. Little unsure what to do with it though. From picture it looks like I'm plugging in at pin 87a and 30. What size fuse should I use? 20 amp? Sorry about the delay. Do lawn care on the side and have been crazy busy lately. Thanks for all the advice.
  3. I haven't had hardly anytime to work on this. I did find the Cam sensor. It was completely covered in oil. Only found it after dousing area in brake clean. I haven't replaced it yet. It looks like a hell of a fit. I should be able to squeeze a wrench in there and take off the sensor. Hopefully once off I can pull towards me to disconnect the connector. I tried finding a fuse jumper locally but NAPA doesn't seem to have one. I will check autozone or oreilleys tonight. If not I will order one from Amazon.
  4. That's where I was looking but didn't see anything.. I'll go back out and be more thorough I guess. Thanks for the orientation picture Logan.
  5. Flipping the relay around did nothing. Still no pressure. Cam sensor came in and was looking around for it but can't seem to find it. I'll double check your picture bodybyfisher.
  6. How do you use a fuse jumper. I will turn relay around and see if I get pressure back. Let you know in a bit.
  7. So i think I should pull fuel pump back out and check connections in pump and connector. I will install old pump and see if I have pressure. Eliminate if it's the pump or not. I wasn't aware that relay had to be plugged in any certain way. Which orientation should it be in? Fuse jumper?
  8. I hope mine is not as extreme as his and that the camshaft sensor corrects issue. Is that issue related to fuel pump not getting power? Seems to me like a separate issue. Both causing a no start situation. Is that right?
  9. I appreciate your help. I know it is frustrating for all parties involved. I'll work on reading those links now. Thanks.
  10. Thanks bodybyfisher. I will try and replace cam sensor tonight if they have one at the local auto parts store.
  11. It is the voltage of the battery. Just what my schumacher battery charger says.
  12. Don't mean to be argumentive. I will say that I know a little bit about cars but still would consider myself a newbie as far as fixing them myself. I do really appreciate you, bodybyfisher, for trying to help me. It was my understanding that the sensors i changed above the oil filter adapter were one camshaft position sensor and one crankshaft position sensor. I am wrong in that thinking. Apparently they are both crankshaft position sensors.
  13. I do not think it has VVT. The reason for saying this is that normally cars with VVT have it marked on the engine somewhere and as this is my 2nd cadillac deville I have never seen that label. I will double check on it though.
  14. My battery charger when first connected shows volts and percentages. If I remember right it was like 11.8 at 40 percent. This is not uncommon as the cars alternator is not charging the battery and I am using the battery to crank.
  15. Hows that contradicting myself. The battery is brand new. I replaced the battery a few weeks ago, but after cranking several times it runs the battery down. When i put the battery charger on it, it says 40 percent. It took an hour to recharge it back up to 100 percent. Now the battery could have been defective from the factory. I do not know for sure. I can have it load tested. Hopefully this makes sense for you.
  16. Battery is brand new walmart battery. It is fully charged but has not been load tested. I can take it up to oreilys to have them check it out for me.
  17. Isn't mine located above the oil filter adapter. That is where I changed out the two sensors earlier. Is this on your late 90's cadillacs?
  18. Pretty low voltage but I'll double check when I don't have to dive in trunk in less than 3 seconds.
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