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  1. I had a 76 Seville. There are a few issues you have to look at. Join the Cadillac club, there are other members that have Sevilles. My guess is one of the two temp sensors, or the MAP sensor in the ECU
  2. So thats how the fuel pump fails. In the beginning, engine has maybe a bit of shudder at startup. Not bad, but noticible if you pay attention. After a few months I had to turn the key for a few seconds to get the car to start. Sometimes try twice or three times. Still had enough power on the road, but I guess if I did not replace the pump, it would have just died on me one day.
  3. Found the problem. Fuel pump. The startup got progressively worse. Replaced the fuel pump, and all is good again. What a job though.
  4. I have an 87 Coupe Deville. Really a nice riding little car. I wont use it as a daily driver, but runs well. That one is quite flashy, but might work.
  5. I might be very wrong, but I did read somewhere, if you replace the radiators, make sure the insulation around the side of the radiators are installed properly as well. Also, there is a small hole in the bolt that connects to one of the smaller bypass hoses on the right (if looking from front) side of engine. Make sure that hole is open, it can get clogged easily, and then the system won’t get the air out. Your neighbor probably does not know about the bolt, but it’s a well known problem. Just clean it out. The horrible gurgling noises might be air in the system. There are many posts about
  6. Didnt get high side readings. Didnt have the adapter for my hoses. Ill get one online, see what that says. The low side just screws in, the high side has a quick connect connector, but smaller than the R134 hoses. Guess could get adapter somewhere.
  7. Have a bit of a problem with the AC. F48, low refrigerant comes up in my 87 Deville. Yellow light in dash. When I switch off the AC, the light goes off. Blows cold air. Light also does not come on when I am on the highway. Air is cold and all is fine. I measured the charge, and the compressor keeps on cycling on and off. As soon as the pressure drops to around 32 psi, the compressor switches off, and I get static pressure, which is of course much higher. Then a few second later, switches on again, pressure drops, switches off at 32. I get good cold air. Got a thermometer in the dash vents, an
  8. Replaced the plugs yesterday. They had already been done, but with 41-947 and 0.05 gap I replaced them with 41-950 and 0.06 gap as specified under the hood. Might be just my imagination, but seems a bit smoother. What is the difference between those two plugs? Car seems to run a bit cooler now. Even cooler than before, but yesterday wasn’t very warm, so could be something else. 26.3 mpg at 70 mph. 193 degree or so. I wonder why Cadillac never spoke of the visceral effect of the Northstar when it revs up. Really is a lovely sounding engine.
  9. Might just be nothing then. Car also runs great. I wonder why Cadillac never pushed the viceral effects of the Northstar like the sound. The new Cadillacs does not sound nearly as nice.
  10. I think the wires are still original. Same with plugs. You might be right there. Will change all these within the next month or so. I will also have the oil tested, thats a good idea. Had it tested on my 87 HT4100 Deville, and all came back good. No real strong smell.
  11. No temperature issues. Driving on the highway yesterday, AC off, the temp was fluctuating between 192 and 196. Sometimes dipping to 190. I stopped the car, cleared all the codes and drove on for another 30 min or so. When I checked codes, all I got was this NO PCM NO IPC NO ACM NO SDM NO TCS NO PZM NO IRC RFA B2560 NO MSM NO MMM The B2560 refers to the clicker? It works fine. Whats up? Now I have a baseline, so can check again later.
  12. Funniest thing happens to my 97 Deville. When I start the car up cold, the engine just doesn’t seem all that smooth. Don’t get me wrong, its not bad. Just not as smooth as when warmed up. That just normal? Plugs? I wouldnt say its ROUGH, just not as smooth as normal Something else? No codes Car only has 45,000 miles so I guess its still the original plugs and wires. Also as a side note. After replacing hoses, thermostat and tank reservoir, the car runs a lot cooler. I would say around 6 degrees lower. As long as I stay moving at 30 mph or above, its pegged at around 197. On the highway it
  13. I once did some work on a car and forgot to plug in the crankshaft sensor. Car runs, but very badly. My advice really to anyone with an old car is to get the workshop manuals, and do most of the work yourself. Most people, myself included don't have the space or tools or time to overall an engine. However a sensor here, a thermostat there, maybe a pair of shock and an oil change can quickly add up if you don't do it yourself. Usually sensors are the number one thing you can and should learn to do yourself. Don't be afraid, you can probably break 5 sensors for the price of going to the shop.
  14. I'll align your belts for $50 haha If they didn't put the belts in the grooves correctly, would would squeal and catch something. There is no alignment. You don't even tension these belts. It's not the belts. You could probably have done the wp tensioner and belt yourself. Its about $100 in part. 4 bolts and a cover.
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