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  1. I been to the Corvette Museum and tour of the Corvette Assembly plant about 10 yrs ago. Fun day. I really liked the museum and some of the test mules they had on display like a Caprice Station Wagon with a Corvette engine and drive train. The plant tour was fun as well but seemed way to short. The most interesting part was when the grabbed a lady from the tour group and let he be the first to fire up a new Covette and they gave her a customer printed birth certificate for the car. Here take a tour of the Arlington SUV Plant, Escaldes, Yukon, Tahoe
  2. You should check out these AMSOIL replacement filters. They don't need any oil and can be vaccumed clean. http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/filters-and-by-pass-systems/air/amsoil-ea-universal-air-induction-filters/?zo=34396'>AMSOIL Ea Universal Air Induction Filters Here is a link to the sizes, http://www.amsoil.com/products/ea_filters/EaAU_Photos_and_Specs.pdf EaAU6065 seems to be close to the Spectre filter?
  3. The looks like a Donaldson Powercore filter. They also use a Powercore on 2007+ Duramax diesel engine. http://www.donaldson.com/en/engine/support/datalibrary/059806.pdf
  4. Its not BS, it happened. Just because you never heard of it does not mean it did not happen. His engine was beyong repair it was so damaged, he was travelling at the speed limit (or more) when it quit. I don't think he had over 100,000 miles because he bought the car used with very low mileage from a GM dealer, it was 2-3 yrs old if I recall correctly. I do recall the reason it was said of why it was traded in was the owner wifes was getting sick from the diesel odor. I think back then the warranty was 3 yrs / 36,000 miles. I distinctly recall he could not get a new crate engine from GM at the time this happened.
  5. Coworker had a 1980ish Olds Regency 98 with the 5.7L diesel. He purchased it used from an Olds dealer with low mileage and only a few years old. He drove it about a year or two (not sure today) back and forth to work all over logging about 25,000+ miles a year. One Monday AM he never showed up for work. We did survey work for the state govt so we were always out on a highway project so we never heard from him. Next day he comes in driving another car, a used Mercury Marquis. Said he was about 25 miles from home (150 miles to job site) on Monday and the engine up and quit going down the road. Would not start, nothing. So he had it towed back to the dealer. They gave him a car to use while they tried to determine why it quit. Next week he came back with the Mercury (he bought) and said the crankshaft in the engine broke in half, engine was shot. He then tried for months to find a replacement engine and could not find anything worth using. Olds had no replacement engine they could order, they told him he would have to buy all the parts and literally piece an engine together at a cost of over $3k back in the mid 1980's. He went and found a salvage yard to install a used 350 gas engine and he gave the car to his daughter and never bought another GM vehicle to this day.
  6. Its 5 yr / 100,000 mile up to 2012, that same as every other GM power train warranty.
  7. Replacement engine will not have any VIN code stamped on them, its not legal to do that. The fact no serial number is there is evidence of a replacement engine. If someone were to place a serial number it could be construed as fraud, e.g. passing off replacement as original. There are many state and federal laws regarding stamped serial numbers of motor vehicle parts and the tampering thereof. You cannot duplicate any original factory stamped numbers.
  8. Here a few of them rolling off the line at the Arlington Assembly plant.....according to a friend who is a asst. sales manager at a Cadi dealer they delivered one a few years back and when the lease was up GM had the car transport company pickup the car and return it to GM for reconditioning.
  9. I never gave a Cadillac a 2nd look till the CTS came out. I traded in my 2002 Trans Am WS6 for a loaded 2005 CTS V6. Then I traded that in on a 2009 Loaded AWD CTS4 but thats where my love for Cadillac ends for now. The new 2014 CTS just looks ugly, and the ATS and XTS turn me off . So I think I will keep the 2009 CTS4 for a few more years, only has 25,000 miles on it now........
  10. Good info... One thing I would add about using Dexron VI in manual transmissions or transfer case that did not call specifically for Dexron VI. Read This
  11. 2 yr lease per wikipedia and not all are Cadi's...
  12. I got a email newsletter from Cadillac on these new paint options for the V (have a CTS) and they are a pita to take car of. Basically you can never touch the car or wash it or you will ruin the finish and good luck finding anyone to repair it. You cannot ever rub on the finish, can only wash in a touchless car wash and MUST not use anything but soap and water. if hand wash only wash in one straight line direction or the finish will be ruined.
  13. Does anyone else drive this car on a regular basis or do you let people add fluids, quick lube? I have seen and heard of strange things that workers in quick lubes have done to customer cars accidently and on purpose. A auto repair shop I service does all the repair for a local quick lube and some of the things he told me about would make you laugh if they were not so damaging to customers cars. For instance, engine oil in the trans, trans oil in the engine, no oil in engine, overfilling the engine or transmission, adding fluid when its not needed, never changing filters although charging customers for them, draining the front axle and or transfer case on a SUV by mistake and forgetting to fill it up, using wrong coolant, using wrong oil or air filter. The best was this GMC Acadia they had in one day, front axle was run empty for about 50 miles and everything siezed up. They found the drain plug was removed and missing. Come to find out the day this SUV was in it (prior day) was the 2nd vehicle a new guy (17 yo) was allowed to do on his own and no one checked on him.
  14. Not a STS but my 2009 CTS4 with 3.6L engine has the cable dip stick, not a flat blade type. I would not rely solely on the owners manual.
  15. I have an loaded 2009 CTS AWD Performance Sedan with 3.6L engine. IMO the 3.0L engine is worthless. Best car I ever owned, steady 24mph.
  16. While Dexron III may not be a specification or name used anymore there are 1,000's of vehicles (non-GM models) on the road that cannot use Dexron VI and must continue to use Dexron III or problems will result. While GM does not call it Dexron III anymore they now call is Manual Transmission Fluid. Its all marketing bs, see below. GM ONLY recommends what they sell and can make money on. PS - I have been in the lubricant business for over 30 yrs.... Mike 2009 Cadillac CTS4 AWD Performance Sedan
  17. Yes you can buy an aftermarket fluid. As long its a brand name and the bottle says its suitable or formulated for Dexron VI then by law is has to be true or its false adverstising. GM and the GM dealers ONLY recommend products that make them money. The GM ATF is made by Pertro Canada and is not superior to any other brand. Matter of fact GM licensing requirements mean they are all have to be the same so ever brand out there with a GM license is paying GM for that license as well as some of the profits. Personally, I have 100% synthetic in my 2009 CTS4 going on 4 yrs and also in my 2012 GMC Sierra Denali and its not GM licensed. The only reason GM licenses anything is to get a piece of the profits from the oil companies and then they bad-mouth anyone who will not pay them thier ransom. Mike 2012 Sierra Denali 6.2L 2009 CTS4 Performance Sedan
  18. What oil are you using? Viscosity and brand? I had a 2005 CTS with 3.6L, never used oil in 30,000 miles. My current 20099 CTS 3.6L has not used any oil in 28,000 miles. They may have gone down a tad but never reaching 1/2 qt. I use nothing but 100% synthetic. Synthetic oil was the factory fill in both my 2005 and 2009 and if you are using regular petroluem then you are using the wrong oil. Some oils will lose volume from the heat of the engine, its called Volatility. The accepted rate is 15% which means the oil can lose 15% of its volume and still me specifications set by the API. Typically that means about 1 qts in 3,000 miles although GM considers 1 qt is 2,000 miles to be normal. And its not just GM, every oem uses 2000 miles as the baseline. Its completely normal to consume oil with some oils. Why might I have to add oil between changes? Btw - The synthetic oil I use has a volatility rate below 7%.
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