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  1. I bought a new 1972 El Camino SS350 back in the spring of 1972. I recall back then seeing a brochures on the Cadillac conversions and I seem to recall it was a Texas company that did the conversion, not Cadillac. A guy I worked with on construction liked my El Camino but was a big Olds man and I almost had him convinced to buy the Cadillac El Camino. I don't recall it was a Cadillac produced vehicle though but I could be mistaken on that. Cadillac made cars similar for flower cars for funeral homes, lots of Cadi were hearse and special funeral cars
  2. Excerpts from Subject: Information on Engine Oil Consumption Guidelines Models: 2009 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Gasoline-Powered Light Duty Trucks Under 8500 LB GVW (Including Saturn) Many factors can affect a customer's concern with oil consumption. Driving habits and vehicle maintenance vary from owner to owner. Thoroughly evaluate each case before deciding whether the vehicle in question has abnormal engine oil consumption. Gasket and External Leaks Inspect the oil pan and engine covers for leakage due to over-tightened, damaged, or out of place gaskets. Inspect oil lines and fittings for signs of leakage. Improper Reading of the Oil Level Indicator (Dipstick) Verify that the dipstick tube is fully seated in the block. When checking the oil level, make sure the dipstick is wiped clean before taking an oil level reading and fully depress the dipstick until the shoulder bottoms out on the dipstick tube. The dipstick should be the proper part number for the engine/vehicle that is being checked. Notice: Operating your vehicle with an oil level that is below the minimum level indicated on the engine oil dipstick can result in severe engine damage. Repairs resulting from operating an engine with insufficient oil are not covered under the terms of the New Vehicle Warranty. Important: Refer to Owner Manual in SI for checking and adding engine oil. Not Waiting Long Enough After Running Engine to Check Oil Level Some engines require more time than others for the oil to drain back into the crankcase. To assure a sufficient amount of oil has drained back to the crankcase, and an accurate reading can be obtained, the vehicle should be allowed to sit for at least 15 minutes, after the engine has been shut off, before taking an oil level reading. In order to ensure accurate results, the temperature of the oil should be close to the same temperature as the last time the oil level was checked. Important: This does not apply to 2006-2009 Corvette Z06 equipped with the 7.0L LS7 and the 2009 Corvette ZR-1 with the 6.2L LS9 engines (dry sump). Follow the instructions in the Owner Manual for checking the oil in this application. Improper Oil Fill after an Oil Change Following an oil change, verify that the proper amount and type of oil was put in the engine and that the oil level on the dipstick is not above the full mark or below the add marks. Refer to the Owner Manual or Service Manual for information on recommended oil quantity, viscosity, and quality.
  3. 0W-30 100% Synthetic in both my CTS4 and my Sierra Denali AWD 6.2L, been using 0W-30 since if first became available back in 1996. Been using 100% Synthetic oil )not Mobil 1) since about 1975ish.....Never used anything else. All the lubes in my vehicles are synthetic, I change them out ASAP. Fyi The W in 5W-30 motor oil stands for Winter and indicates the oil meets or exceeds certain criteria for good low-temperature performance. Motor oil with SAE viscosity grade 5W-30 behaves like an SAE 43 oil at high temperatures and SAE 5W oil at low temperatures, providing the necessary fluidity for rapid starts and efficient engine operation/protection at low temperatures. So a 0W, 5W and 10W-30 are all 30 wt oils, the difference is in their cold flow properties. An oils cold-temperature performance refers to its ability to flow when the engine is cold, or below typical operating temperature (212 F / 100 C), and not simply to what feels cold to humans - warm summer days are also cold to an engine. Startup lubrication is directly affected by a lubricants cold-flow ability, and the impact is felt at higher temperatures than most consumers would think. PS - Been in the lube business for over 30 yrs.......
  4. Cold air intakes and high-performance filters are good for improving full-pedal engine power. Practically that means that you are buying a modification that helps you pass (at full-pedal) or race. The key that is typically missing in the mind of the average consumer is that the only time power is increased is when the engine is at Wide Open Throttle (WOT). For those who don't know what that means, WOT is basically when the gas pedal is pressed all the way to the floor.
  5. For me its a summer car and I park it for the winter. I also have a 2012 GMC Sierra Denali AWD.
  6. Fyi - Here's evidence GM is doing it for money..............and the only reason they have gone to licensing (selling the rights to the logo) is because no one followed them yet.
  7. In case of AMSOIL, they have 2 oils (XL and OE) that are API SN spec's and are API certified (not GM licensed) so there no chance of poisoned cats. AMSOIL even puts it on the label that it not only meets dexos1 spec's, it exceeds them. They would be foolish to put it on the label if they could back it up. The FTC would stop them in an instance but they never have because its true. The label is advertising and truth in advertising requires anything put on the has to be true. Under the Federal Trade Commission Act: Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive; Advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims; and Advertisements cannot be unfair.
  8. Which is more expensive, paying more for a better product up front, or paying for a repair that may have been avoided by using the expensive product? I understand that using licensed products is fairly safe, however just because it's licensed does not mean it's a good product; it only means it is good enough to meet some standard and no more. There may be better products on the market, there are certainly excellent products that are not GM licensed fluids that will outperform the licensed products.
  9. Dexron is like Dexos, a marketing scheme to bilk the oil companies out of money on the pretense of protecting the consumer. Whether you call it paying "protection" like the wise guys do, or "oem certified" like the car industry does, it's still paying "them" to be on their certified list under the veiled threat of "warranty denial. Rebranders Total Lubricants USA, Inc (License Number J-60370 Uni-Select Inc. (License Number J-60371) O'Reilly Auto Parts (License Number J-60372) Delta Petroleum Co. Group (License Number J-60373) Tier One Brands (License Number J-60374) Repsol/YPF S.A./YPF Brazil (License Number J-60375) AutoZone Parts, Inc (License Numbers J-60376 & J-60378) Alliance Parts Warehouse (License Number J-60377) Old World Industries (License Numbers J-60379 & J-60380) The Pep Boys (License Number J-60381) Yinhang Petrochemical Co. (License Number J-60382) National Pronto Association (License Number J-60383) Genuine Parts Company (License Number J-60384) TPI Oil Company, Ltd. (License Number J-60385) Automotive Distribution Network (License Number J-60386) Omni Specialties Packaging (License Number J-60387) <------WM source for lubes Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, Inc. (License Number J-60388) Besybuy Distributors (License Number J-60389) Uni-Select Eastern, Inc (License Number J-60390)
  10. Better read the fine print of these lotteries, you might not like what happens to you from the notoriety that ensues. Someone around here won 1 million in state lottery and it ruined her life. She was an elderly lady (70's) and people came out of the woodwork trying to get money from her. She eventually had to move out of her home town of 50 yrs and relocate. Her children wrote a letter to the local newspaper begging people to leave their mother alone. They went on to decribe what some people tried to do to get money from her, like camping out on the street and making it so she could not even leave the house. These were not local people but hucksters from all over the USA.
  11. NO. It requires automatic transmission fluid. If a longer lasting/better fluid is desired, that still performs within the criteria as specified by the OEM/Warrantor, a “synthetic” ATF would be a very good upgrade. Such as this Synthetic ATF TC - Capacity Transfer Case, BW4481-NR3..........3 pints
  12. That was on the History Channel this past weekend. Brand new 1958 Chevrolet Cameo pickup sold for about $130,000. Some of the trucks sold for lots of money, I recall one was about $30,000. Some even had snow damage where the roof caved in because they been sitting in a field since the 1960's. One guy came and bought a car he traded in back in 1970ish (his first car) as it was kept and never sold. Others were looking for thier old rides as well. His daughters Corvair Monza that he gave her to use to go to school was he kept. I thought I heard them say he never sold any cars that he took on trade, keep them. A few had tree's growing up through them that would have to be cut down to move the vehicle. A young lass flew all the way in from Austrailia to buy a used 57 Chevrolet. She had no idea how she was going to get it back but she wanted the car so bad so dropped everything and rushed to get there. She was very excited. They interview his daughter and she mentioned she has one of the last cars from the dealership, a '96 red on red Camaro that her dad gave her that she will never sell. She said they always knew there would be an auction someday and now the time was right. I guit watching and if I recall the take was over 1.5 million and the projected it could go past 2 million for the 490 cars and trucks, even several old wreckers, one a 1946. The 1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car..sold for about $90K if I recall correctly. A brand new 1969 SS396 Chevelle with the roof caved in from snow, can't recall the selling price but it was more than you could but a fulled restored one for.
  13. 5W-30 Synthetic. Oil must be formulated to meet GM standard GM4718M or Dexos1 (superceeds 4718M) so anything that meets dexos1. 0W-30 is acceptable in cold climates. Do not use any other viscosities such as 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-50
  14. A reconditioned title usually means the insurance company wrote it off as a total loss, someone bought it and restored it back. Since the insurance company totalled the car it has to be titled as such. May be a good car but you are trusting that it was repaired correctly. Most of the times they are repaired solely for the purpose of flipping it for profit. Some reasons for a total loss and a reconditioned title; wrecked and totalled by insurance co stolen vehicle, later recovered flood or storm damage (car sumerged in water)
  15. http://www.uship.com/ and put it up for bids
  16. fyi Note - Dr. Shirley Schwartz is the GM engineer who invented it. http://www.nae.edu/30433.aspx
  17. I have over a year and just over 10,000 miles on the oil change in my '09 CTS4 and the OLM is on its 2nd go round, its at 47% this am. I reset it to 100% the first time it hit 0 because I go 10,000 miles on an OCI with 100% Synthetic Oil. Before you jump on me, be advised I been doing this since 1978 and the synthetic oil I use has never let me down. I have NEVER changed oil at less than 10,000 miles (even went as high as 25,000 miles in the past when I was driving more) unless it was to get rid of the low-bidder oem oil that came in the vehicle. My vehicles do not use any oil ever... 2009 CTS4 3.6L Sedan 2012 Sierra Denali AWD 6.2L
  18. Like new set for 2005 Cadillac CTS/CTS-V. Were for personal use, like new condition....... $75 incl shipping by US Media Mail in the USA ONLY. Cost $150 new....Very heavy pacakge to ship
  19. This is the best funnel I have ever seen for a GM vehicle. Here is an example, check around the price varies. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0052XULN6/ref=asc_df_B0052XULN62637827?smid=A19YEMWPNMJ9N3&tag=dealtmp782866-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395105&creativeASIN=B0052XULN6 pics of my 2012 Sierra AWD Denali........................................... Its screws right in like the filler cap and won;t move around. I have one, HD duty and rigid.
  20. AMSOIL Z-ROD 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Modern Technology For Classic Cars would be ideal but I doubt you can find as its not distributed in your country..
  21. He is outside of the USA (Location:Sweden) so our spec's mean little. Buy the best 10W-40 engine oil you can find.............
  22. P.S. whine is caused by air entrained into the fluid, takes time for the air to release from the fluid. Its also probable that low quality PS fluids will by susceptible to this.
  23. Local Chevy dealer here had a mint black on black 2008 STS4 on the lot most of last winter but its gone now. It supposedly was never actually driven in the winter but traded in last fall by a elderly couple who are snow birds and go south every fall and return in the spring. They traded in for a 2012 Yukon Denali XL GM exec driven, with every option in White Diamond. I know the salesman who sold them the Denali, he was driving it for a while as he was the STS after the Denali was sold.
  24. I don't know but it seems the early 2000-07 Cadi's had a lot of problems. I had a new 2005 CTS that was a lemon even though it was red in color. The repairs done to the car in 30,000 miles and 4 yrs was astonishing. The first day I had the car the check engine light came on, R&R O2 sensors and light comes back on, R&R catalytic converters. Before I had a 1,000 miles on it the rear axle was replaced because it made a loud whining noise and would bang hard when you left of the gas to coast. The list of parts replaced under warranty was mind boggling and most before 20,000 miles; 02 sensors, @100 miles catalytic converters, (cannibalized car off lot to fix, cats on back-order) battery, failed test rear posi axle (complete asm, had to be zone approved repair), TCM, reflash? ECM, failed when doing a upgrade for random no-start, persistance engine pinging on all fuels AM/FM/CD radio died, front suspension parts wearing out, dealer noticed on test ride after ECM fix windshield garish molding came loose, broke windshield replacing brake parts rattling, fix for that, etc and thats all I can remember, I am certain there were more An acquaintance had a 05 STS same color and he had many problems as well and no longer a GM owner. His dealer was a ahole, mine was great, even returned my car 100 miles to my home when they kept it overnight.
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