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  1. good looking out witht eh info, the car is not dead it is running.

    what it was prior, was i always had these codes, the rss codes.

    i always got a battery no charge light come on, but had no codes for the charging system.

    one time i decided to run the codes with the car actually running not just key forward, and thats when i got the ipc code of ipc1911. i fixed it with the info from another post. so ipc is all clear. car is running and charging the battery while running. (wasnt charging prior to replacing the l terminal wire from the alternator to the ipc c1a9 harness terminal.)

    the car rides like a brick, i could have just redone the c101 cuzz thats more than likely what is the issue due to heavy heavy corrosion, all the contact cleaner in the world didn not help it. wire brushes and such the thing is in bad shape (c101)

  2. i have owned a 1997 sts for a few months now, just finally got the car running were it would charge the battery, i had a ips 1911 code. and i read on this forum here a member had the same code.

    another member CDICTAS copy and pasted a section from the FSM explaining in plain english what the IPC 1911 code means and how to fix it

    i helped me fix it, or the post fixed it for me i just had to follow the directions

    i have some rss system codes and i would like to know if member CDICTAS would copy and paste the section explaining these following codes, and the rss sytem circuits.

    C1721 - Left Rear Damper Actuator Short Circuit to Ground

    C1726 - Right Rear Damper Actuator Short Circuit to Ground

    C1727 - Right Rear Damper Actuator Open Circuit

    if you can can you please let me know exactly what the FSM says about these codes.??

    mucho appreciated.

  3. i have been battling this problem for months now, finally i found the info i need to fix it right here. thanx

    if this L terminal wire Is in fact shorted can i just run a new wire from the c101 connector to the alternator harness?

    like from the c101 to the alternator = new wire??

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