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  1. The water pump drive belt part number for a 1999 Northstar engine is not easy to determine aside from removing it and recovering the number. I would like to have it on hand before taking it off. Can someone help with this answer? Thanks in advance for any help. Any recommended quality belt that will work will be o.k. with me. Also I saw a post for a Rock Auto 5% discout number. Is that available to all members and do you know what it is? I have ordered from them in the past and got good service .
  2. How many tubes of Gold powder for a normal coolant change with 125,00 total miles on 1999 DeVille?
  3. Thanks to the answers to my post. I now have a clear path forward commonsense way to protect my auto. Regards, rivet
  4. I am a new forum member. I need information on back flushing coolant system and re-freshing anti freeze in my 1999 DeVille Northstar. I would like to use the top heater hose at the heater core and install a back flush tee and use a garden hose to flush until clear water runs through. Does anyone have suggestions or reasons why this will not be advisable? Thank you for any response. Regards, rivet
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