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  1. I still have not made it to have the battery load tested but I have a theory I wanna run past you guys. My fuel guage has been screwed up for quite some time. Could that be causing the electrical fault?
  2. this (or the battery) though it could be a lot of places where connections or 'grounds' occur. I recently did the system reset but disconnecting the battery under the back seat and the cables looked perfect. What else?
  3. No the battery has not gone dead nor is it giving us starting troubles. It actually runs fine until.. it stalls occasionally. The stall conditions are too random to pinpoint. HJE is correct in what was replaced. I do not know how I could have made that mistake. Does anyone else have an idea on what may be causing the low voltage or ideas on how to test what and where the fail is? Do I put a volt meter on the battery? Alternator? What?
  4. Wife's car is a 2003 Deville DHS. I hate this car. Anyway was stalling had check engine light brought it to the mechanic and they diagnosed it as CAM shaft position sensor and recommended we replace both. Job done car ran ok for a couple of days and now the problem has resurfaced. I pulled all the codes from the dash and they are listed below. Any assistance on how to get this thing not to stall anymore would be appreciated! ABS C1223 HISTORY ABS C1227 HISTORY NO AMP CODES DDM U1714 HISTORY NO DDS CODES NO DIM CODES IPC B1004 HISTORY IPC u1016 HISTORY IPC U1000 CURRENT IPM BO249 HIS
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