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  1. Not sure what that is, but I will try scrolling today when I get back from my day of Landscaping and let you know if I find anything, and thanks for the input
  2. thank you, I agree just baffeled. I disconected the battery, lets see what happens..
  3. Sorry didn't mean toggle through... I hold my on off and updown together to start the dash code process. It's runing through, but showing nothing
  4. 1998 cadillac seville sts. I am pressing the on off button, and the up down button. dash board flashes then it prompts to check codes (ALLCODES) But says no codes by each one The 0-90 is a safety code because of the suspension code. If I could get a code, I have pleanty of help with installing parts
  5. So dash says no ddm, no ipc, no ipm no rfa no rim,no ttm no irc codes, not sure where else I can find codes for the two messages, thanks, John
  6. Thank you, I got the dash codes to start running through, but says no codes, I will try again. This has been my problem
  7. I see no dash codes, but my 98 seville sts dash reads service suspension, then 0-90 mph because of first message. How do I determine what is exactly wrong with suspension ,if no codes are showing??? thanks
  8. I am not very mechanicly inclined, and don't understand fancy lingo... I have a 98 seville sts showing two messages on dash. 1. service suspension. 2. because of no. 1 0-90 mph, but no codes showing. How do I figure out what part of the supension is causing my messages. Thanks