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  1. O k put the belt, pulley, and tensioner on. I drove it...it still ran hot. The car has this hesitating feeling that happens at like 3 second intervals. It seems like its trying hard but hesitating. Today Im getting the oil changed for the 1st time since I had had it. I am also getting the transmission drained (15 qts are expensive!!!!) I got a mechanic to help me out with these things, Hopefully he'll be able to find out why its still running hot....reaching around 225.
  2. I got the pulley, tensioner, and belt. Now I have to change the oil. I'm reading on transmissions flushes. Necessary or not, or just change filter?
  3. The job looks great. Have you every made a tutorial video?
  4. Thanks fellas. The store opes up @ 0730 and Ill be there prompt. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. Im a rookie under the hood. To get to that belt and replace that pulley wheel, is that something I should have a mechanic do?
  6. Ok guys, thanks for welcoming me in. I started with the purge line. I pulled it from the coolant tank while the engine was idling. no coolant was dripping from it. So I started to trace the line. I need some pliers to reach the hose that's after the thin purge line that runs atop the engine, maybe that or the thin purge line itself is clogged. Then I found something major.....I really shouldve looked at the car more thoroughly before purchase......what ever belt that is to the right side of the engine(if you are in from of it) is popped....the the small top most wheel to that belt over th
  7. I just brought a '97 D'elegance yesterday for $1,000 in Maryland. It overheats almost immediately. Every time I drive it the temperature shoots up pretty fast around 244F in about 5-10 minutes or so. What did I get myself into? I think I got got. Oh well. What are some fixes? I dumped $135, for a battery, $240 for MDTags, $10 for tool kit to put in battery and tags, $ 368 for 1st and last months insurance. As well as the $1,000 for the car. I'm felling stubborn. I want to make it work. I refuse to just have wasted almost $2,000 in less than 24hrs!
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