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  1. replaced fuel pump still same problem what else good it possible be to throw the service fuel system message?
  2. Fuse relay department was dry. I felt the relay kick on when I got my buddy to turn ignition on. Code reader said no trouble codes, but battery died so I grabbed jump back and boosted it and car fired right up. So thinking that because of dead battery computer reset itself. So I drove for little bit then car died suddenly and said service fuel system again. I left over night came back after work next and tried ignition had a little bit of life not like before when it would just turn and turn with nothing. So I hooked up code reader and again it said no trouble codes but I went a cleared them a
  3. Trying to get some info before I swap fuel pump, would be very appreciative of any input or advise. Car has 180k on it very well maintained. Was washing car and sprayed down motor with pressure washer. I am a detailer by trade and have washed engines this way a million times. The car started fine after and drove to other side of lot to dry it off, but after i finished drying it off. When I turned ignition on display read service fuel system and would turn over like it was outta gas. I thought it might be fuel pump, since i couldn't hear it priming. I grabbed a rubber mallet to smack the take t
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