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  1. Totally agree with Jim. It's recognized as a top choice drivetrain here in Europe also and for many car people, Cadillac is still synonymous with Northstar more than any other feature in the history.
  2. Thank you, original Polo Green from -94 with many, many winter miles on crappy roads. I plan to upload some photos and info of my detailing work later on.
  3. Oh, you're right. I had problems uploading earlier. Let's see if it works this time ... Before: OEM markers made for euro spec. cars. After: Saab 9-5 side markers, attached with epoxi glue
  4. Just fixed it. If any other owner of jap/euro spec Cadillac Seville 92-97 likes to get rid of the orange side markers, the clear, small Saab 9-5 markers (late 90's models) will cover. Not the same brackets, though. But with some mods and glue it's possible to attach them.
  5. The current side marker lights are orange and OEM. I need exactly (or very near) 2,8 / 1,2 in or 7 / 3 cm dimension because of the drilling holes under them.
  6. Looking for white/clear side marker lenses, 2,8 / 1,2 in, for my Seville -94 (euro spec. car). All ideas appreciated. Looks similar to this one:
  7. Sorry about that. Are you going to replace the retractors then? Nope, I do not own that car anymore. Oh, I see. And you do not have that problem on your Fleetwood, I guess .. Well, lucky you.
  8. Hello Bruce! Thanks for a great forum! Very useful. Is it possible for me to change my user name somehow? Thanks in advance. Fred

    1. Bruce Nunnally

      Bruce Nunnally

      You get that ability in user panel after a certain nbr of posts as I recall. I can change your display name for you; what would you like it changed to?

  9. Sorry about that. Are you going to replace the retractors then?
  10. Just fixed mine, quite easy operation and they are now working like new again. Read on a BMW forum that careful cleaning might be an easy fix and it was. Here's a link to my blog with pics: It's all in Swedish but you'll get the idea; hot water/washing powder and lubricate with silicon when clean. Very important to let the seatbelts dry before releasing them! You don't want them to rot.
  11. Problem solved. I just gave some electronic cleaner spray to the servo connector. Now it works perfect again. Might be corrosion in the fuse box also, I will check it out.
  12. This is weird. I replaced all the mini fuses today (just in case, they were all very old) and the cruise control started to work perfectly (in fact better than ever with fast acceleration and everything) but it was only for 30 minutes or so. When I returned back from a short trip I noticed it was out again. "Cruise Engaged" doesn't appear on the display now. But there's no blown fuse. KHE, both yes and no, earlier "Cruise Engaged" appeared every time I pressed the button but it wouldn't hold the speed anyway (most of the times). Sometimes it did, but in hills etc. it lost speed again.
  13. Cruise stopped work today. Display says "Cruise Engaged" but it won't hold speed. I checked the two hoses for vacuum leaks but there aren't any. The big hose (connected to the brake I believe) doesn't have any vacuum pressure while engine idle, but I'm not sure how it supposed to be? The car is very clean overall. There are no current/history codes related to the cruise control. Any suggestions what to do would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. Yes, you're absolutely right. Two different things. Sorry if beeing messy, I'm one hundred percent rookie on these sort of things. No ABS lamp illuminated. The sensors are connected. I checked them today (if we're talking about the sensors with ball joint and the box with the plastic filler next to the shock). The shocks are changed about a year ago - Arnott. The SRC message has been present for 10+ years. I'm thinking about doing the circuit Barry94 wrote about but with the S013 and S015, it perhaps won't kill the message anyway ..