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  1. for some reason they locked in park this time, but kept just spinning forward in all gears:
  2. I'm going to put it back in the air and post a video on youtube. I'll post the link a little later
  3. thats exactly what is happening. It won't move when the car is on the ground so it must be slipping, but when its in the air, the front wheels are clearly spinning forward no matter what the shift selector is on. Park/reverse/drive all moved the wheels forward. As far as feeling a bump when I first shifted, I want so say that I did feel a bump on the first shift, but I'll have to go try again to be sure.
  4. Yeah I used the dic to read the codes. The fluid is still red with a good smell, my buddy actually added the fluid so let me check. Can you describe the noises I should check for? I'll give it a good listen
  5. Ok will do. It's a 2001 deville. Any ideas why it's moving the wheels forward in all gears (even reverse). Seems like it could be a pressure issue
  6. My car won't go into gear at all. The fluid was low, so I added some but still no gears. Put the car in the air, and the tires want to spin forward in drive, park, and reverse. No transmission codes on the dic. Pressure control selonoid ? Time to replace the transmission?
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