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  1. Im trying to find out if its the switch or harness.all I kno is I no longer have a blown ecs fuse.I did see a little tear in a wire but that wire some kind of very small white square box in the line with it.has a y on it.I will trace it and make sure its not part of power steering.I will start the car and post bck.I don't see y it wouldn't start
  2. Will my car still start with a unplugged power steering pressure swith.it was blowing my ecs fuse when I unplugged it,no blown fuse.just nervous to start it.
  3. I am trying to find out if my caddy will still start with the harness unplugged from power steering pressure switch.
  4. My ecs fuse is no longer blowing when I disconnected it.I also noticed the wiring under the car near the powersteering harness has been chewed.thers a small white clip thingy with the letter y and another letter wiring coming from that has been chewed or something.what is that.read my other post regarding this to better understand
  5. Will it still start without the connecter hooked to the switch.
  6. Trying to find out wat side it would be on.and is it fairly easy to get to
  7. U could be right.maybe igntion switch.hey buddy try to find info for me.ill do same.i think my psteering switch is on driver side under car.
  8. Were is this.might explain y my fuse that powers it blows.when i turn the wheel just a little at stand still ecs fuse blows and car shuts down.no code maybe harness.
  9. In park it runs for a little while.then fuse blow and shuts down.sometimes fuse blow when i turn the key. When it does get started then shift in drive blows.but not in neutral.
  10. Replaced ign1 relay same problem.i have a bad wirset (sparkplug wires).they have rust in them and very bad corrosion that also causes very bad idling.not to mention that when i put it in drive and reverse it shuts down.probably new wires.
  11. Yes blowing right away.sometime get lucky and it doesn't the car will start then blow.i replaced ign 1 relay anyway.same thing
  12. I get this message when my ecs fuse blows.help
  13. Anyone know the easy way to find open circuit or short.
  14. Ecs fuse keeps blowing keeping car from starting.when it does start it blows again i know its a short but were.also when i put it in drive or reverse it shuts down and fuse blows.it also idles funny in park gets high and low then shuts down when fuse blows.help caddy brothers
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