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  1. So many variables....as you say JimD but I figured I'd covered most hence why I ended up asking on the forum. Scared to say another vehicle brand name, due to past comments lol!! BUT another vehicle I may own, had bad fuel returns and it was quicky discovered I had leaking intercooler up pipes and binding rear caliper, only after advise from forums and the fact I found out the up pipe is a common cause... What tire pressure do you run? 32 ALL ROUND Is the vehicle subject to frequent "short trips" where the engine never reaches operating temperature? On school run yes, its 5 minutes each way and a total of 6 miles, but the freeway 24 UK mpg is always up to temp, NEVER over 55-60mph, even instant MPG on display while cruise is active is where the best of 24 is seen Is there 200 or 300 pounds of whatever equipment stored in the trunk? No, nothing more than a rubber trunk mat and alloy stroller, one small light adult, a 2 and a 5 yr old Is the vehicle subject to extended periods of engine idle time when the vehicle is not moving? No never ever Other thing to remember is we are driving soooooo Gently, even semi trucks and old people pass us we are so slow, at $12.00 a gallon every mile counts. its dumb I can't compare with anything, simply because its a Cadillac!!! don't wanna drop more names either, but seriously our 8.0 V10 did better fuel in 6th gear as does my heavy, 7.3 diesel turbo, swamp tire wearing pick up, if driven gentle like we are forced to do with the STS. Like I said before I had just hoped it may have been a simple common issue, that maybe a ECU reset would have sorted, obviously not but past experiance on American forums had always proved friendly, helpful and a positive experiance, personally and sadly not so much the case here although I REALLY appriciate the constructive and positive replies I've had
  2. Hi Jim. This is in UK mpg I'm afraid, not sure how its worked out but I know it works out even less US figures... 24mpg on motorways (Freeways) and harder to work out but 11-12 mpg village (Rural) driving, no traffic as such, but 20-45mph on level twisty roads Our average over 3 weeks sits around 10.4 - 11.2 mpg. Using quality fuel "Shell" no real load but one adult 2 under 5's and an alloy buggy/pram/stroller thing, never using A/C... it just don't add up? like I say car is faultless other than a very minor idle stutter (a miss if you will, but unnoticable to most normal people) No codes, no lights, GM dealer serviced 90% of its life and at 65,000 miles
  3. Well thanks for the added input people. Chris, I'm sure I'm reading it wrong, but you came across slightly irritated....? I'm sorry but just trying to figure out on an informative forum whats wrong, as its clear to me I'm using way to much fuel even though we drive it like Miss Daisy. As I've said we don't race around, but keeping under 60mph and with gentle speed increases (Example 0-60 in 20-25 seconds) its no fun what so ever. I'm sorry to compare with previous owned vehicles, I figured it made sense? but I'm not one of these haters that looks down on everything but what I own. I get sick of the Powerstroke vs Cummings fights lol!!.............THEY ARE BOTH GREAT!!... the "its not a ford!!!!" comment I guess you dislike Ford but with risk of bringing up another previously owned vehicle... I'll be honest My 2001 Lincoln Towcar, drove nicer, did better fuel, was more comfortable and recieved much more comments from by-standers, BUT was simply waaaaaay to big for UK parking lots. But seriously a Cadillac STS is a car, a vehicle, although a nice one, nothing else nothing more The forum thread was only after checking the obvious, fault codes, vac leaks, binding brakes, did oil and filters, tyre pressure, etc etc I thought there was an ECU reset like on many many vehicles, turns out there is not... so I'm stumped... We love the 01 STS, JUST surprised our old 93 STS was faster and better on fuel.. I'm crippled with back issues and cronic M.E illness so on a limited reduced income, so was just trying to save a few quid!!!! we've already lost our house, the Viper, the twice a year holidays, the ability to buy what we want when we want.. all we wish to do is keep our STS, The F350 and 5th wheel.. so trying to ease the struggle... So thanks for the input guys, but I think we will leave it at that..... All the best............ Shane and Vanessa
  4. Thanks for the info so far guys Rockfangd, totally understand that, the F350 is very electronically basic compared to the STS Spaceship As for codes.. I have one.. did have a few History but nothing that involved engine or emissions, the only present code (can't recall actual code) was regarding it having new pads fitted all round without the sensor replacement, so I get the Change brake pad message everytime I start her up... had all wheels off to bleed brake fluid and notice someone had already looped the wires, so don't understand why it still displays brake message.. its no biggy just gets on my nerves a bit lol!! Thanks Texas Jim all very interesting, so I wonder if this reset idea is a waste of time? I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it was my 89 Trans-am GTA 5.7 that when I reset it, it was like a different car. I'm going to try 99 octane at next fill.. I know the few Skyline GTR's I've owned run noticeably different on high octane, but then they were 2.6 straight 6 twin turbos running 400+ bhp, same with my 500hp Supercharged V10 Triton dually and F150 Supercharged Harley.. but these are forced induction so its understandable. On my F350 7.3 Powerstroke I've only done 6637 intake (huge open filter) 5" Bully dog turbo back no cat filter, and Edge Evolution tuner/computer (running 60hp tune) so minor mods really but I'm getting 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds, I've not timed STS yet only did truck as the tuner has the feature, but I know its slower and I just don't get that push into seat feeling... I'm NOT a racer, truck is modded for torque as I pull a 34ft Newmar 5th wheel here in England. Its just in the UK we have them terrible things called roundabouts and I don't feel I can zip out onto them in the STS as where the truck I just have to watch for rear wheel spin. Our STS does down shift to first if under 35mph, but there is a delay of upto a second I'd say!! which is not good for overtaking, my gear changes are very seamless infact its hard to notice gear shifts with our driving style. The only driver specific "learning" that takes place is transmission shift patterns/pressure adjustments. As an example, if you were full throttle driving followed by hard braking followed by full throttle application again (as in competing on a closed course), the transmission shift points and shift pressure would be adjusted for maximum performance & minimum slippage (hard, firm shifts). BUT. That adjustment would evaporate as soon as the key was turned OFF. The next drive cycle would be back to normal operation. The system is/was known as Performance Algorithm Shifting (PAS). Thanks JimD good to learn
  5. Umm really!! see on my F350 if I disconnect I lose all TV channels, DVD settings and radio stations, same with the JDM vehicles I've owned. How does it keep memory on settings? out of intetrest... I then wonder does it actually reset the ECU/PCM, is that also getting this power supply?? I may try tomorrow in that case, worse case I'll spend an hour setting things up again and dragging the wife out to get her seating position lol!! I'm only 5ft 7" where she is 5ft 10" As for Octane I use 95 but I hear US and UK octane are different, The american regular 87 octane would work out as 91-92 here..I can get 99 octane but your then looking at $13.00 a gallon!!!! entry from Wiki: "In most countries (including all of Europe and Australia) the "headline" octane that would be shown on the pump is the RON, but in the United States, Canada and some other countries the headline number is the average of the RON and the MON, sometimes called the Anti-Knock IndexAKI), Road Octane Number (RdON), Pump Octane Number (PON), or (R+M)/2. Because of the 8 to 10 point difference noted above, this means that the octane in the United States will be about 4 to 5 points lower than the same fuel elsewhere: 87 octane fuel, the "regular" gasoline in the USCanada, would be 91-92 in Europe.
  6. I've searched the internet for instructions to resetting ECU, But all I've seen is disconnect battery and turn headlight into on position?? which is what I've done before with more electronically simply vehicles. But I don't fancy losing all my settings, surely disconnecting battery will lose all radio settings, driver 1 and 2 seating positions, all them feature functions etc etc... I just want to reset as I hear it has a driver learn feature and my MPG is shocking... in fact my 7.3 Powerstroke LWB F350 is better on fuel. So is there another way to reset without losing settings. P.S I've already done oil with 5w30 Magnatec fully synth, cleaned the dirty throttle body intake, replaced air filter (which was dirty) going to do plugs soon (no plug leads being 2001) I've no codes no warning lights and no issues, well if I'm being fussy there is a very very slight miss, mainly when at a stop with foot on brake, its a split second faulter and bearly noticable to be honest. One other thing? my F350 has quicker acceleration, not that we race the car, we have kids and safety is paramount, but have noticed when entering freeways at full throttle (e.g to get in front of a truck already on freeway, or too overtake on single lane roads)
  7. The BLS is little more than seriously restyled Saab 9-3 (an already aging model back in 2006).. and that was derived from the Vauxhall Vectra... two common and boring cars reps use (travelling salesman) in europe. Shocking thing is, we could sell our 2001 65,000 miles STS and actually get a 2007/2008 BLS I must say I like the look of the BLS Station wagon though, but don't think I'll ever buy one
  8. Umm, Got us thinking again as we are in the UK and paying approx $12.00 a gallon which is not cool when you own a STS and a 7.3 Powerstroke!!!. However we had been told to stay well away from LPG converted STS's???? I also notice there has been one on E-bay for months in immaculate condition and under £2,000 which he obviously can't sell.... I had LPG on our 7.5 Winnebago, which ran with much less power, same with our GMC Vandura 5.7 Starcraft dayvan, in fact the only LPG vehicle I've ever had that did run good was a factory produced Ford Falcon ute (pick up) which was a good job as it was solely LPG only (Straight 6 cylinder) I.E No petrol tank..... The worry being if our Northstar fails the repair costs would be 3 times the car value!!! in the UK there is page after page of non runner LPG converted vehicles
  9. JimD thank you kind sir, yeah had a feeling regarding the history, but hell it was worth a try and I'm grateful for you taking the time out. Also thanks for the advise on coolant job, still not done job as our weather sucks here in grey, depressing, wet UK, I've a friend who just moved back from Florida after 20 years, I've asked her if she has mental issues, I'd sell my Kidney to get out of here to over there lol!! I was only flushing as I'm sure the 50/50 is likely out and I can not tell what coolant is in there, there is coolant but its 100% not red, but maybe I'll just do a drop and fill with red long life every 2 years
  10. Thanks JimD good info to know, makes life harder no doubt if I need new parts though. -Chris- I went with 4 as I had a sealed bottle already, but did check online, its seems the usual mixed bag, some do some don't etc etc.. the two do mix OK but as I said I did a full flush.. as brakes are not that great are they, my Heavy 99 F350 with swamp tyres stops better.. although no improvement and it has new pads all round, don't know what make but the back plates are bright red!! as for anti-freeze already got it now, its 5 year stuff, but don't know what is in car now, so was gunna drop bottom hose, then reconnect, find thermostat, remove then take top hose off then run hose through until clear, then 50/50.. IS THIS OK TO DO?? Funny, rung GM/Vauxhall they had never heard of the supplement tablets (Barrs leak) right or wrong I'm going to add the Barrs Leak for self piece of mind (its the exact same as the tablets from US GM) I see no harm Anyway as requested her is a UK spec 2001 engine bay, pretty clean I thought?
  11. Cadillac is being relaunched in the UK for the fourth time in a dozen years, on a limited scale with just one dealer and a few service points. But some models will be available with right-hand drive. The models adapted for driving on the right will be the CTS and the CTS Sport Wagon. But the CTS-V saloon and all variants of the coupé will be available in left-hand drive only. Read Autocar's first drive of the new Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Plans to build right-hand-drive examples of even the regular coupé were abandoned when GM went bankrupt, along with a diesel version. Besides the CTS range (prices for which start at £40,897), Cadillac is also offering the 3.0 V6 SRX SUV from £45,707 and the huge Escalade SUV, including the £71,489 hybrid. GM hopes to sell around 2500 Cadillacs across Europe through 40 dealers, according to Caddy boss Wolfgang Schubert. But he declined to estimate how many would be in the UK. The range will be available from GM US specialist Bauer Millett in Manchester; a London premises is planned, too.
  12. Well once again thanks for the info... at least mine is working then.. its so dim I just thought it had been converted or something, what kinda threw me was every other Caddy I've seen on the road had the real bright L.E.D's. I must say I only see maybe 1 or 2 a year, real caddies that is as!!! we have a lot of the BLS which to me is a re-badged SAAB and are already worthless due to various technical issues they suffer... saw a 2010 for sale last week for £2,450 and a good 2001 STS can still fetch £3,000+ that in itself says something
  13. Us again, new owners and all that lol!! with a bank of questions although trying to learn myself with internet assistance as I've only owned this 2001 STS and a 93 STS I imported from Yokohama Japan a few years back. I've done a search here and on the net and just end up at a LEDfix site and no info I'm after. Now correct me if I'm wrong? but ALL STS and SLS run LED strip third brake lights in the tailgate?? Its just that on our STS its not LED but still looks OK as you can see in the photo... it kinda fades either side, although my 4yr old son would be more impressed if it was bright L.E.D Let me know guy's as I'll in time pull mine out to see if I can get a brighter bulb in there and see how this has been done, as it would sure be a cheaper fix for the poor owners that have loss of LED operation. By the way its not a UK thing, I've seen ALL other STS/SLS with LED, just noting that as there is some differences on the Euro examples, like the weird need for two brake reservoir's!!!! white marker lights (which I already converted back to amber)
  14. We only got our 2001 STS 3-4 weeks ago, on way home we had high volt message, when I scrolled through to volts it was at 16.3V!!!! and no matter what I switched on it made no change, it went back to normal after 3-4 mins. All was well for a few days, then same thing again, had battery tested and its 100% as new, to be honest it looks pretty new and AC Delco. Then I started getting the battery light and low volts, down to 10.3V!!!! and slow starts Anyway I'll get to the point of posting, So I checked battery connections under back seat to find wires loose to the battery clamps, my battery is top terminal? is that original? I ask as my Corvette was side terminals and pretty sure my Viper was too? seems someone has replaced or converted the battery terminal connections and did a bad job. I wiggled and played with it all and since then had no issues and charge rate is always 14.1-14.9V, must sort it properly soon... So along with other advise check that and the simple things, (grounds, loose connections) its the simple basic things that get forgotten and end up costing hours of labour or hair loss!!!
  15. Hi people.. Well thanks for the info and assistance, we are all sorted now... I have a Corvette oil filter on now which as PF61 as a reference. Car seems to rev more freely now and although its very quite it seems more so.. maybe its just me? don't know what oil was in but it now has 5W-30 Castrol Magnatec fully synth (Halfords were selling for £17.99 FOR 4 LITRES!!!) Done brake fluid with DOT 4.. Used 2 litres as I really pumped it through... I do wonder why the UK version at least? has two brake fluid top up bottles. Next job is the pink (5 year) anti-freeze 50/50 mix and I've got a bottle of Barrs Leak, after much time on the net I'm fed up of the "use it" "DON'T use it" and going to go with it, LAST THING I need to head or gasket issues. Spark plugs next week then hope MPG will improve after all this.. JimD, Thanks for the History offer, I will send it over via PM but doubt it will show up over there, but hey worth a go... I was kinda taken back by the costs for duplicate history records, although they are going to supply a service history book and stamp it up
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