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  1. Thanks -- will do. The wires are new because they had shown evidence of arcing. Let's see what the codes are.
  2. Hello and happy holidays, everyone! My 1996 DeVille seems to be misfiring. Replaced all the ignition wires, EGR and mass air flow. No SES light. RPM at idle 625, misfire accompanied by quick drop to 575 then quick rise to 675 then settles back to normal idle. Would coil pack be to blame even with no SES? Thoughts? Thanks! -- Russ
  3. What a coincidence that you're in Hauppauge, too! For some reason, it won't let me PM you. -- Russ
  4. Thanks, guys. @BodybyFisher -- I am in Hauppauge. My shop said he could do a rear conversion for $1,000. Are you near Hauppauge?
  5. Hi. Shop says I need rear shocks on my 1996 Deville; they're leaking. I love the car. It is showroom. But they say it will cost me $3,400 (in NY). On-line repair estimators verify this amount. Anyone here know any alternatives? I can't spend that kind of money on just a couple of shocks. Is it time to junk my Cadillac? Thanks for your feedback. (
  6. Thanks! The top is slightly bent, so I suppose I need to replace the whole thing. Is this something I can do myself without being mechanically incined?
  7. Hi! I've read in some places that the Northstar shouldn't be "babied" and "likes" WOT driving regularly. On the other hand, some have advise to baby the Northstar to help avoid blowing the HG. Thoughts? Also, what additives and other preventive actions should I use and take, if any, to help my baby run right? (aside of 3,000-mile oil changes and such, which I have done at a dealer since it makes me comfortable.) Also, can I use 87 gas? or must I use 91 or higher? I've heard both sides on this, too. Thoughts? Thanks!!!
  8. Thanks -- I'll check -- I hadn't had someone try it while I stood by and listened . . . will let you know . . . thanks.
  9. Hi, All. The antenna on my 1996 Deville won't go up or down anymore. I can move it manually. What can I do? Thanks.
  10. OK, so, since I won't make the mistake of failling to consult everyone here again, what do I do about an antenna that won't go up and down anymore? Keep in mind that I'm about as mechanically inclined as a dead salamander . . .
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