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  1. Heading out now to check connections and look for wire issues. And yes that is the correct position for that sensor. I did replace the sensor and assumed the connection was good. I'll keep you posted.... thanks again
  2. I don't have a service manual for the electrical aspects. Any links anyone you an suggest?
  3. HISTORY PCM... P0116-7, P1114, P1258; ACM... B1350, B1983; SMD U1016, U1255, B1327; RSS... C1738, C1783; PZM... B1552 OBD-II SHOWS PCM P0116 CURRENT HAD RECENT BACKFIRE, Need to know more about BPValve
  4. CURRENT PCM... P0420 PZM... B0533 B2473 MMM... B2147 ACM... B1347
  5. Not a chance.....Temp spikes are split second.The actual temp never surpasses 196. Purge , Pressure, flow have been done. i believe I only breifly mentioned the purge in my first post. I also have spent time reading these threads with referance to NS cooling/electrical/HG issues. Based on your experience and obvious knowledge I sent you a direct E-Mail asking for your help. I welcome your comments on this problem seemingly unique to this forum. I just ran Diagnosics via the ACB exclusive to the Concours. I'll going be in my next post as soon as I check my notes.
  6. Thanks for your response guys. I replaced the ECT sensor. still steady spikes in the system triggering limp mode. Problem seemed to be less likely to pop up in todays damp rainy weather?? Would you suggest cleaning and/or replacing the maxi,relay and fuse connectors in the underhood compartment next? Where else should I be checking. I did not mention the engine hot - A/C off has been along for this entire ride heat is not abnormal. I monitored the coolant temp on the OBD-II while driving. Temp. is constant at 194-196 range BUT..the spikes in tempeture all read 304 degrees every time.?? Oh,while installing the sensor I learned its not a great idea to drop the new one. i now have a spare somewhere deep down in the aybss of the "hey , what else can we fit under here" engine compartment.
  7. And....current OBD II codes are:P0117 ECT Sensor 1 Circuit Low Input; P1258 for the Low Engine Coolant/Fel Disable. I unplugged the ECT Sensor and it stopped, But is that the only part of the system disabled or can it be one of many possible failures
  8. Ok ....I have a 99 Concours . Purchashed 1 1/2 years ago with 112k now 156k . I've read Extensively about HG and overheating problems and solutions. Temp at 194-196 consistantly. first problem occurred when I jumped on the throttle while pulling out and turning. Temp dash icon flashes, then "engine overheated" then to limp mode. lasts no more than a few second maybe 8-10seconds at the most. i have not done a block test or coolant/exhaust gas test. Coolant Does NOT smell at all of exhaust,no bubbles in overflow tank. This morning I pulled throttle body and cleaned all the carbon (heavy) which was causing thottle stick, high idle. while in the process, I checked and cleaned an unplugged purge line. this "false" intermittent limp mode is ONLY when in gear, only on acceleration from stop, or low-speed turns. This must be electrical... I have definite engine compartment fuse / relay corrosion issues that I've maintained on an "as needed" schedule. Whadaya think is my best course of action. Thanks Randy