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  1. This gentlemen selling the 2000 said that he also is including the computer and electronics along with the engine, would this fix the issue of the PCM, or is it even more internally complicated? Thanks for your help. If this one is out of the question, what years absolutely will be okay and which years are not okay. Thanks again.
  2. Okay, will a 2000 STS "9" engine fit into a 1999? Also will a 95 STS "9" engine fit into a 1999? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a "9" which I am selling and the buyer needs a "Y". Other than the hp, what is the difference between the two engines and what issues would he have if he purchased it? Please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Both are "9" engines, does one fit in the other? Better check before I buy another one. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the information 99bluehawk, khe and airmike. I wasnt aware of that when I purchased the DTS engine. Now in addition to finding the correct STS engine <99, I will also need to sell this one. Thanks so much anyway. Anyone know of someone who needs a 2001 DTS engine with 2173 miles on it? Cheap? Thanks again!!
  6. Hi Gentlemen, I have a 2001 Northstar engine that is still in the factory crate, this was Cadillac warranty replacement 02/16/2001 for a 2001 Cadillac DTS. The engine has a total of 2, 781 miles on it, and is a "9", not a "Y". I am asking $1,100.00 FOB Denver for it. I purchased it just last week for this price to have installed in my 1999 Cadillac Seville STS. My mechanic tells me today that its exact except it wont line up by the oil pan? Anyway, if anyone has an engine that I can trade, swap (depending on your mileage and shape) or purchase, Lets talk. My email is barry.wilson@live.co
  7. Im the guy who purchase a beautiful 99 black STS in Denver that had a horrible knock due to the previous owner not caring the car. Well, get this. I found a beautiful actually brand new (2,100) miles on a "9" Northstar. Bought the beauty from a the service guy at Don Massey Cadillac, got it for only 1,100.00. It was still in the crate. Had it hauled down to my mechanic a GM mechanic for installation. The engine is a 2001 and asked my friend and service manager at Rickenbaugh Cadillac if 2001 "9" would fit in a 99. He called me back and said it would. Great. I get a call from my mechani
  8. Thanks Ranger, kinda what I thought and somewhat glad I purchased the "9" engine, just goes to show what no oil changes will do to an automobile. Whats strange is this car looks like it just came off the showroom. Wish it ran the same way. lol. Thanks again!
  9. I recently purchasaed this beautiful car. My last one was an 02 ETC, with major head gasket issues, but for the price on this, and how good looking it is, I couldnt resist. The reason I got it so cheap is because of the load knock. The previous owner, son. inherited the car from his parents as he is going to school. The oil hadnt been changed in 40,000 miles or so. I did the code thing to see if I could tell more about this knock, hoping that its a matter of doing the top flush thing through the dealer, cleaning out the engine. I have located a used "9" engine, but before I go to the expen
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