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  1. THANK YOU!!! Boy, you guys are sure a God-send!!! Can you tell I am a bit "intimidated" by her "uniqueness"?? LOL!! This website is now in my list of Favorites and you guys will be the first I turn to as she and I will most likely be having other "discussions" as we travel down the road together!! Again, Thanks for reaching out with a helping hand!!
  2. THANK YOU!! I am SO GRATEFUL to have found this site and all of you helpful individuals! This Cadillac is my "baby" and so love everything about her, but, let's face it, she does have many "bells and whistles" that I never knew existed! Seems I am still discovering more of her "unique personality" every day!!! THANKS AGAIN!!
  3. I am wondering, we had to replace our battery last week, got in car to use for 1st time since replacing battery and the read-out for LF tire had a few dashes, PSI followed by a few more dashes!! Husband checked tire, and added air and then took reading manually and it was fine, but electronically still had the previous reading! The other 3 tires all read properly! Being our first Cadillac and not really familiar with "fancy stuff", I am nervous! Is the car safe to drive, or would we harm it somehow? I LOVE THIS CAR!! Husband was out of work for over a year, and we live about 40 miles from near
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