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  1. Here's how to display all DTC on you car; Hi Jim, I had a 99 SLS with the same problem. It first started during the winter months. It would come on along with chimes until the car warmed and go off. During a road trip to S.C. I was riding throught the winding roads in W.V. I loved how the system soaked up the road and adjusted at a moment's noticed when I would change driving patterns. Well, I think that's what did, coming back from S.C. the lights came on and stayed for +2 years. This car was very sluggish coming off the line and made up for it on the highway. Another good thing was I gained more mileage. My c/c went out. It was a small sensor under the dash. They wanted to chrage me $800 to fix it. Otherwise, it was one of the best Cadillacs I've ever owned. I think it's a sensor that connect that needs replacing.
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