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  1. Hi I have a power steering issue. I have replaced all the lines rubber and steel, replaced the pump, the reservoir, so I am at a loss... I still lose fluid, I think it is still pushing out the res cap, with the car running I have a nice little stream of fluid rising up under the cap, so I am guessing when the car is running down the road the stream is a lot stronger and pushing past the seal on the cap. Is there some way to change the pressure valve setting? Thanks for your help
  2. I will try the WOT treatment. I had a thought on the power steering, is it possible that the pump is not by passing, or a line is partially plugged, and causing the fluid to push out the cap? The res is always wet I wipe it off every time I fill it.
  3. Thanks for the info, on oil consumption, this car uses a quart every 5-600 miles no leaks to be found no smoke. I was using mobile 1 listed on the oil fill can 5x30. I am trying a conventional oil to see if it will stop ...it hasn't. this thing is worse then the Saturn I had.the gas mileage sux too. awd is not very good, 20 per gallon tops on highway. Opps and yes it is the v6
  4. Hi I haven't been here in a while, We bought a 06 SRX, with a 100,000 miles, like all SRX's it uses oil, and no feed me light, worse then my Saturn, no leaks, but goes through it fast, a qt every few hundred miles, and no noticeable smoke. Not the problem right now. I have a power steering reservoir I think is leaking. I can't find one anywhere (new). Anyone have a line on one? I looked at rockauto (I guess they don't have all the parts I will ever need LOL ) and oreilly's nothing. I looked on ebay, nothing. I have replaced the pressure line and the return line, rubber sections, the ta
  5. We just bought a 06 SRX it is great, our only problem is the lack of heat to the vents above the back seat. There is not a third row seat. Not a problem now but this winter it will be. We haven't found anything in the manual. If I shut off the a/c we get outside temp air but no heat. Most likely something simple, just haven't found it yet, any help?? I looked through the forum for this issue and must have missed it.
  6. Thanks for the info everyone, I will start with some techron and go from there. The car runs very good, so I am not sure about bad injectors. It runs a bunch stronger then the 98 SLS we have, and the mileage is the same.
  7. Hi Everyone. I have a new question. Is there anyway to recalibrate the fuel gage/and computer? My wife has run out of gas twice. The gage is above E and the please feed me ding/light is not on, then the car goes ding and it runs out of gas. The computer says the car has only used 12 gallons but it takes 19 to fill it up. So how do I recalibrate this thing, I know my wife would appreciate any info, so I don't laugh any more when she runs out. yea I know she should let me know before it gets that low, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks Russtoy. opps I almost forgot, The car is a 96 Eldorado ETC. I fixe
  8. WOO WOO I fixed it. When I took it apart to install the shift solenoids I couldn't find the little filter, DUH it was right between the solenoids, Well the filter had pushed out so it was easy to find the second time around. (I think that is what was stopping it from shifting)I looked to see the check balls are in the correct spot put the new little filter in and the bracket and WOO WOO it works great. Now I can continue doing some body work and put it back on the road. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Well I dropped the pan again to look at the check balls... All in the correct place. The fluid level was correct. I haven't filled it up yet I will do that tomorrow. I sure hope it work this time. As I am at a total loss on what I need to fix, short of a new tranny.
  10. I think I have to check balls in the right place, but I will check it out sunday,I copied and pasted the diagram so I can make sure I have them in the right places. I could see 4 places for the check balls and that is where I put them. I will buy a new BIG I mean really Big pan to catch the new fluid I just poured in Let you know what I find sunday night. Thanks for the help everyone.
  11. Well the shift solenoids did not cure the problem. Now the tran goes into first and reverse it wont shift into 2,3,4 before it was in second. So now what kind of ideas does anyone have. I put in new filters and 11 qt of dex 3.That is how much the filter kit said to put in. I sure am glad I dont really have to use this thing
  12. Had a great experiance with the changing of the shift solenoids... NOT the parts i odered from the parts house are the wrong ones... Bummer they claim they cant get it but I can get the parts on ebay. $60.00 for both A B solenoids. It is the updated KIT genuine AC delco parts. So guess what I will be doing. Yup ordering the parts from Ebay. Woo WOO
  13. well I am going to change the shift soilenoids in the trans today I hope I can find the right parts.
  14. I bought this car from a auction about 3 weeks ago. I* fix the easier stuf then went on to the tougher stuff. Easy stuff, trunk pull down, radio antenna, drivers side window motor. rear brake pads, front one are already new, different tires and wheels, off 00 Pontiac Gran Prix GTP. New battery I drove the car off the trailer, reverse worked fine and it went into forward, fine, tires were bald and flat. Put air into them to drive off trailer did not want to go any farther then that with ther current tires. So now the repair gets tougher. WOO WOO lucky ME
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