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  1. Great vid & nice 0-60 time, what nanny settings did you use, stabilatrac in competition mode? Also did you shift the auto manually or let it do it's thing? Thanks, Dave.
  2. I think it's both, definitely an all makes thing (kinda like a car circus actually). If we can get a contingent of out-of-town CaddyHeads I will get with Torxila (a local monster V-Coupe (750hp+-) guy) who has a group of CaddyHeads to form a CaddyRuckus (look up caddyruckus on youtube for a great video). Another great idea, any out-of-town CaddyHeads interested in the Detroit Grand Prix? Cadillac has a great Car Corral for V owners only that get you parking directly on the Island race site (the public has to park on the mainland and bus to the site), reserved seating and lots of other "perks". I went last year (photos on my past post "redrocket with new shoes") and it's a toss up which is better, the DGP or Woodward DC. Parking/meeting with other V Heads/the Cadillac experience, etc. is probably superior at the Grand Prix. Summer so short, so many opportunities! If there is any interest in the Grand Prix I (or Bruce) can find the site to get tickets for the Caddy Car Corral. Dave.
  3. Will do, I'm out of town until end of April, will look into on my return, D.
  4. This is especially good data Caddy Jim, thanx! D. Let me extend the same invite to you that I have for other Caddy Heads on this forum. If you are into a road trip that you will surely remember, bring your V to the Motor City and join us at the Woodward Dream Cruise this summer. I would enjoy meeting you and think you would get a kick out of the "spectacle". I usually go to the same spot each day (outside the Red Coat Tavern in the geographic center of the action) and a row of Caddys would be most cool! Dave.
  5. This is especially good data Caddy Jim, thanx! D.
  6. Thanks for the info Caddy Jim, very helpful - RedRocket.
  7. The RedRocket and I have been together since late '10, do you have the email address to request an update disc? If you and your V come to town we will find a cozy spot for both of you. D.
  8. Hi Tex, do you know if the one free nav upgrade applies during any time of the warranty period? If so, I'll wait until just prior to expiration to get the longest use before upgrading. Anyway, great info that I wasn't aware of, just another great benefit of membership in this forum! Have you given any more thought to the Woodward Dream Cruise? I'm eager to use the "Y'all come back, hear?" line to a real Southerner! D.
  9. Thanks for the post. What color interior did you go with? I went with ebony/ebony. Where does your V roam, anywhere near the Motor City??
  10. The story doesn't mention if this "super fan" is actually a V owner..... Hmmm.
  11. Every Dog has his day, and good Dogs have two!!!!!
  12. Hi TJ, long time no blog to... As far as the laptop program, I have no Idea what Dr. Phil uses. It's good to know one's limitations, and mine is using computers on engines. Phil used to work for Lockheed and GM and has an extensive engineering and computer background. Now he is a full time tuner specializing in LSA's and Vettes. I do know he reporgramed the speedo to match the new rubber via GPS, too many varables such as tire squish (for lack of a better term) due to weight of vehicle on tires etc. to rely on advertized sizes. For $275 ( $300 and he will supply a dino sheet to document the increases, but that is rear wheel HP so I opted not to) he transformed the RedRocket, best $ I EVAH spent! Any more thoughts on a Motor City Road Trip for the Woodward Cruise? Would be a great time, just sayin... D.
  13. Hi Jim, FYI, I also went from a 1998 Eldo ETC to my RedRocket and you may find, as I did, that while I would drive the ETC in winter conditions, not so in the V (just me, mayby). Anywhoo, when I spoke of maintaining the overall front to rear tire height the same for stabilitrac computer issues, whatever tire height you chooze is OK (doesn't have to match OEM height) as long as the front to rear height stays equal. The only thing that changing to a different overall height will do is make your speedo inaccurate (no big deal, that can be reprogramed with a laptop as I had done). Stabilatrac reads front to rear rotation speeds (among other data) to determint wheelspin. If your front and rear wheels are traveling at different speeds due to overall height differences you likely will get a code problem with the computer. Bottom line: change to whatever tire height you like but keep F to R height equal (no more than 1/10" different). Also, when my RedRocket was stock it was quick and would readily spin the tires, but not much in 2'd and difinately not 3'rd. If you plan to leave yours stock (or mostly so) in my humble opinion, you won't do better than the aforementioned Mich Super Sports. I would contact the folks @ D3 to see what is the largest size that will fit (for 9" rims probably 285's in the rear) and size the fronts to an overall height to match the rear. I mention D3 because they have done all this before and do give good advice freely. As for Da RedRocket, I have done some bolt-ons to increase power (cold air intake kit and exhaust upgrades from KPE) but what REALLY made the difference is finding a tuner to reporgram the engine/trans. My advice is don't go with a "plug-in" chip type of generic reprograming, try to find a tuner that specializes in the LSA motor that will reprogram by driving the vehicle with a laptop ("Dr. Phil" took about 80 miles and an entire morning with the RedRocket), adding 40 to 45 HP (with all included now about 630hp) to the engine but most importantly reprogramming the trans shift characteristics. Keep the shifter in "regular" mode and the car shifts like stock. Place it in "sport" by moving lever to the manual mode but don't shift (allowing trans to auto shift but in sporty mode) and the shifts progressivly get snappier (up to neck snapping) then she starts burning the skins in 1 - 3 as mentioned. You can get rubber in 3'rd at just over half throtle, you don't need to mash the pedal. I found Dr. Phil thru a friend that I met at the Detroit Gran Prix, George AKA Torxila. He has a sedan V with significant mods in the mid 700hp range. For traction Geo. goes with a set of drag radials on the rear (something you and I don't need) which, he said, is the only way his car hooks up (and boy, does it!). I'm getting off topic here(sorry, bloviating too much), but to one more point you raised above - don't worry about unsprung weight when going to larger front tires. My advice: go as wide as the rims and wheelwells will allow, front and rear. The magnetic suspension will take care of the rest! If you have any more questions I will do my best to answer and can probably steer you to those that can when I can't (lots of folks on this blog can too)
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