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  1. The only code is the 0507. It comes up as the car warms up. It's probably the coupler from what you're describing. I should be receiving one today, as a matter of fact. I usually delete the code asap but it eventually comes back. Thanks for all your input. I think I'll be taking it to my mechanic pretty soon since there are a couple other things I need him to look at since the engine swap.
  2. Just started and ran the car for around 10 minutes. It idled around 1k rpm and as it warmed up it took longer and longer to come down to idle. Seems to support my vacuum leak theory. Any thoughts?
  3. I'm thinking more on the vacuum side. I had a new engine swapped in last summer since the original had a cracked block. I was told the pcv tubes had to be "Frankensteined" together. That sounds like a good place to start as well as an intake coupler. I have a good shop that can check this out and fix it properly or better than original. My best bet is to go that direction. I'm planning to have them just go through and tie up any loose ends from the swap. At that point I can see if the parts are any good.
  4. Hi there. As the title states, this car has a high idle and when I revved it it stuck at around 3k rpm and gradually came down after shutting the engine off and restarting it and eventually drove it for about 10 mi Tues where it idled at around 2k rpm. This is extremely frustrating since I THOUGHT I fixed this already. I have already replaced the IAC twice and the TPS. Please please please give me some insight before I give this car a Viking Funeral. Thanks in advance. Pose
  5. Thanks, but the issue is described in the first paragraph. The physical switches are not working and that's what needs fixed.
  6. Hey guys. Two out of the three map light switches in the overhead console on my 2001 STS do not function. The switch buttons do not push the button cover downward as they should, so the button covers appear flush and do nothing. Anybody have any luck installing new switches or have any ideas on a relatively inexpensive fix for this? Thank you in advance. Pose
  7. Hi everybody. I recently had the engine replaced in my 2001 Seville STS. There were no codes prior to the swap. now there are a few codes and the traction control light is on. Here are the codes (all ABS): 1274, 1282, 1284, 1287, and 1288. Most of these have to do with the throttle and I had hoped the replacement cruise control servo would fix these. (I replaced it since the connector to the throttle body had broken. Any ideas, insight, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Good morning. I currently only have 1 PK3 key for my DTS. I would like to get 1 or 2 new keys for them, but wasn't sure if I can program myself.I've seen the directions about leaving it in 10 minutes 3 times, and such. Is there a DIY method that works on these, or is this a dealer only task?Thanks,Pose
  9. Thanks. So far the memory in the unit is working fine, it just comes on when it feels like it. No rhyme or rhythm.
  10. Okay, Thanks. I knew the one on my old Eldo was, but never worked on the Nav/Radio before and didn't want to cause a bigger problem for me.