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  1. Cool. I'll get a couple cut and see if that works. Thanks!
  2. Good morning. I currently only have 1 PK3 key for my DTS. I would like to get 1 or 2 new keys for them, but wasn't sure if I can program myself.I've seen the directions about leaving it in 10 minutes 3 times, and such. Is there a DIY method that works on these, or is this a dealer only task?Thanks,Pose
  3. Thanks. So far the memory in the unit is working fine, it just comes on when it feels like it. No rhyme or rhythm.
  4. Okay, Thanks. I knew the one on my old Eldo was, but never worked on the Nav/Radio before and didn't want to cause a bigger problem for me.
  5. I asked this earlier, but didn't get a response. If I unplug my nav/radio to clean the connections and plug it back in, will I need to have theftlock reset?
  6. I really would rather not put out that kind of money. I have a nice pioneer unit with Bluetooth that I can install with a chime retainer if that's the case.
  7. I thought it might be since all the aftermarket stereo kits mention the chimes. Also, it seems it's definitely temperature related. About halfway through my drive home, the chime sounded and the radio is back on. I think I'll get some NO-OX-ID to put on the connectors. As far as disconnecting and reconnecting the head unit I shouldn't have to get it programmed since it's still the same car, correct?
  8. No power at all (buttons aren't even lit). However, this weekend I did note a couple things that may be related. When the key goes in the ignition and doesn't chime with the door open, the stereo will not power up, there are no lights on the rear collision "gauge" in the headliner, and the seat memory/exit buttons do not beep. I'm thinking about cleaning the connectors to the indash unit, and adding conductive grease. We'll see if that helps.
  9. Good Morning. I just purchased a 2003 DTS, and love the car. It has the Bose Touch Screen/DVD Nav System in dash with the CD changer in the glove box. Sometimes when I start the car, the head unit will not power up. However when I pull and re-insert the NAV fuse on the fuse panel, it powers right up. I've replaced the fuse already just in case, so that isn't the issue. Is there a relay or something I'm missing? Any ideas or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pose
  10. Hey guys. I'm looking at picking up a 1994 Eldo Touring Coupe this weekend, and the power antenna needs replaced. Will one from a 1996 and up work, or do I need one from 92-95? Thanks in advance
  11. Great news!!! Tore into the door and turns out one of the plugs wasn't plugged into the latch!! I love the quick, easy, and FREE fixes!!!
  12. Cool, thanks!! Found that the Retained Accessory Power cutoff switch was disconnected. Looks like I'll need to get a new latch/switch for the domelight since it still isn't turning on.
  13. Hi there. I am looking for the door jamb switch on my 1998 ETC. I have visited 2 other forums without an answer, and I'm hoping I can get one here. Thanks, Pose