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  1. Looking for advise on what HID bulbs come closest to matching the original bulbs in color and brightness. I was told originals are no longer available. Also need to match small bulbs in the corners. Currently mine don't match. Thanks
  2. 6669charger

    V emblem

    Wanting to upgrade my faded V emblems. Anyone have an opinion on the cheap imports
  3. Nothing like reviving an old thread. Is there a link that has all the posts for Bruce's 08 sts-v? Would like to find out the end results of the mods.
  4. 6669charger

    sts-v or cts-v

    Found pics of the car I bought on another websight. Anyone know how to get a hold of a guy with username ninja-v?
  5. 6669charger

    sts-v or cts-v

    Picked up sts-v. Nice car. Now I'm searching all the forums to try to see if there are any pics of my car posted by previous owners to get info on the mods it has. Was raining when I picked it up. My 94 sts smoked it at stoplight. Guess my boy can't drive rwd with tc. Tried to post pics but guess they are to big.
  6. 6669charger

    sts-v or cts-v

    Wow. That would be awesome. I'll post pics if I get it tomorrow.
  7. 6669charger

    sts-v or cts-v

    Probably going to pickup 07 sts v tomorrow. Is there any problem areas to look at before I sign? Doesn't have any of the. Engine covers under the hood. Are they still available? Thanks
  8. 6669charger

    sts-v or cts-v

    I've found most of the time a good running stock car is better than buying someone else's experiment that you know nothing about.
  9. 6669charger

    sts-v or cts-v

    Test drive a 07 sts-v was disappointed in the performance. Has borla exhaust and a wideband on it. 16900. Might keep looking for one that is still stock.
  10. Well went back to basics and found one of the 300 fuses was bad. Who would have thought there is a fuse for each side. Thanks for the ideas!
  11. Passenger side taillights quit working. Brake & turn signal still work. Thought I would see if anyone else has had this problem before I start yanking wires.
  12. 6669charger

    sts-v or cts-v

    Hitting 50 next month so its off on a mid life crisis I go. Already did the corvette thing years ago. looking to spend around 25000. Anyone have an opinion on a sts-v or cts-v? I heard the sts has a northstar while the cts has a ls. Is the headgaskets still an issue on the northstar? Looking for a nice cruising car that will hold its own at a stop light. Any problems common to these cars I should look for when shopping around? Thanks
  13. Anyone know if there is horn and light options for the keyless entry on a 94? I had a 96 STS and everything was programmed through the instrument cluster. Thanks.
  14. 6669charger

    high mileage 94 sts

    Didn't want to ruffle any feather. Got the carfax, it shows it was regularly serviced at the Cadillac dealer up until 157000 mi. The last 30000 must have been rough on it. Bought it on ebay for 230.00 put radiator, ecm,and tps to make it drivable. Runs great now maybe the head gasket problem isn't as wide spread as the internet makes it seem. Would post a pic but don't know how.