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  1. The car is just not sitting level. The back seems like it as air shocks that are inflated too much (like back in the 70's, LOL). Its probably not much but I just don't like it. I will try a slight bend in the rod you mentioned. As far as I know, the front has no ride height system. So lowering the rear is what I will try. Thanks. 70's are classics, so it's not funny. Not to mention the fact that none of us are having the ride height issues. Since joining this site, all I've noticed is undercover hate comments from people who more than likely have nothing to begin with as usual. It
  2. Though the swing wasn't completely there, I like it and will possibly bump it later on down the line, we'll see. Thanks for the post. I was thinking that my post were unappreciated for a moment, but now I know better. So as I intended, it's back to filling up this forum with everything Cadillac. With this understanding, you aint getting rid of me....LMAO
  3. Though I have yet to use my new digital battery charger, I decided to go out and see how the Coupe did on it's on.
  4. Thanks a lot. It took me over 24hrs. to come up with my 1st posting. I appreciate it.
  5. I chose the name "Mr. Keep A Cadillac" because it's true, as well as the fact that every other name seem to be taken, unless you want a name with a prison number with it:) I've owned several Cadillacs in my lifetime and enjoyed them all but one, and today, I wish I still had it. I recently purchased this 1979 Coupe DeVille Cabriolet (1 of 2) from a guy in Sioux City, Iowa. I've driven it 4X total in 2 months and seem to like it as of today. There are a few things that may require attention, but nothing that effects its being complete and safe. I don't plan to begin work on this v
  6. My Informal Introduction I haven't had an opportunity to meet anyone within this forum as of yet, but in time, I'm sure I will. I could be wrong, but there's very little info here concerning the C-Body style Cadillac. I took the initiative to do so, by using my first post as a promo for my present Cadillac body style. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFkVXzEj3_Y&list=PL2F6134D99EAAA6C0&index=110&feature=plpp_video
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